Schedule AC Service Before Memorial Day

Schedule AC Service Before Memorial Day

Keep Cool While the Grill is Hot

The unofficial kick off to summer happens long before the calendar marks the summer solstice in June. We all know when it’s time for BBQ’s, pool parties and outdoor festivities – Memorial Day. Of course, Memorial Day, which has a history dating back to the Civil War, is the time to honor our men and women who died in combat defending our great nation, and we will never forget to include it in our event-planning mindset. Memorial Day is also a time to gather with friends and family, so schedule AC service now to fully enjoy the first days leading up to a long summer full of sun and fun! Everything you need to know about your upcoming AC service:
  • Be prepared for your service call. Before your HVAC technician arrives, there a few things you can do to expedite the visit. Start with cleaning any dirt, leaves and debris outside the main unit, then inspect the base pan for blocked drain openings. You can also take a look at the coil and cabinet noting any holes and leaks you may want to point out to your HVAC technician. You can inspect the fan blades while they’re in motion and stationary to determine wear and damage. You may also need to clean the control box if debris has accumulated there.
  • Keep note of recommended maintenance intervals. Your specific unit will have a recommended maintenance intervals, and adhering to these ranges will keep your warranty intact as well as ensure your unit is functioning at optimal levels. Generally speaking, your heating and AC units both will require at least one maintenance visit (each) per year – your heating unit in early fall and your AC service in spring or early summer.
  • Choose a credentialed and well-known HVAC service provider. It’s important to choose a reliable and highly knowledgeable HVAC service provider to assist you in keeping your HVAC units running at peak efficiency this summer and all year-round. When looking for a reputable HVAC partner, be sure to check out their years in business, certifications such as NATE (North American Technician Excellence) as well as 24/7 availability for when emergencies occur after hours. Providers like Air-Specialty, in Mobile and surrounding communities, work hard to earn good reviews from the BBB and Google.
Memorial Day is a time for parades and parties, with a solemn reminder amidst the fun festivities of freedom is never free. As we take in the fun and family-time, don’t forget to reflect on this aspect of summer’s unofficial start, and while you’re making your plans to entertain at home, ensure your indoor climate is cool and comfortable with AC service from a trusted HVAC service partner, like Air-Specialty. For over two decades, Air Specialty has been the go-to provider of AC service as well as routine HVAC maintenance services, ductwork, indoor air quality assessments and new unit installation.  Worried about the cost? Air-Specialty offers a “Comfort Club” to make HVAC maintenance easy and affordable. If our NATE-certified technicians check your air conditioning unit and find it’s best to replace, Air-Specialty provides financing to get you into a more efficient air conditioner and lower your energy bills, so there’s no disruption to your Memorial Day plans! Contact Air Specialty today for your AC service today.
Give Your Alabama Air Conditioning a Boost

Give Your Alabama Air Conditioning a Boost

Attic Fans 101

If you live in an Alabama or Mississippi home with an attic fan, you may be unsure how it works with your air conditioning system. For example, you might wonder if it is good or bad to use it, if it will run up your electric bill or if it will take some of the load off your air conditioning and save money. You might also wonder if you should upgrade or seek out a larger attic fan. These are all legitimate questions and the answers are worthy of exploring. So let’s get started with everything you need to know about attic fans. Here is a small glossary of terms. As you can imagine, the term attic fan is a catch-all referring to many types of units. The most commonly found types of attic fans include:
  • Whole-house Fans – An attic-mounted fan designed to release air from a home at night — in order to cool a house (to lower the indoor temperature).
  • Powered Attic Ventilator – Designed to lower the temperature of an attic by exhausting air from the attic and replacing attic air with outdoor air.
  • Solar Attic Fan – Using solar panels, the sun powers this type of attic fan, alleviating reliance on gas or electricity.  
  • Wind-Powered Fan – As the name suggests, a wind-powered model which relies on the natural energy of the wind for operation.
What function do attic fans perform? The most common type of attic fan, ventilation fans or powered attic ventilators, are utilized to cool the attic. By pushing out hot attic air and rushing in a flow of cool outside air, they can be effective in cooling off the attic area. They are typically used in houses with a slope of the roof or in the gable wall of the attic. The whole house attic fan is actually an exhaust system used to vent a building’s attic and circulate air in a home or building. In addition, attic fans prevent the buildup of condensation or in extreme cases, ice dams, during winter months. What is the best way to maintain attic fans? The good news about most attic fans is they are easy to use as long as they’re installed properly, and there’s easy access to the operating switch or dial. Typically an attic fan requires minimal maintenance. For example, the ports helping the motor run in the whole-house attic fan, should be lubricated only every few years. An attic exhaust fan, designed to cool the attic space only, almost never requires maintenance. If the fan has shutters which open to release, washing the fan blades will ensure the fan works properly. What size fan do I need? Call an air conditioning professional to help here. A NATE-certified technician has the skills to accurately measure, recommend and install an attic fan or replace one to assist your air conditioning efforts. At your consultation, the technician will determine the square footage of your attic space and multiply it by .07 to get the minimum number of cubic feet of air per minute the fan should be rated to move. He or she may add an additional 15% if you have a dark roof and an additional 20% for a steep roof. An average attic fan is typically appropriate for attics as much as 2,200 square feet. Air Specialty has expertise in all aspects of heating and cooling. For over 25 years, we have offered the very best in HVAC services to Mobile and its surrounding communities. If you have an attic fan and need help or have questions, we’re here for you. We can check out your HVAC system as well as your attic fan unit to ensure everything is working well together, at its most energy-efficient levels. Our technician team is NATE-certified and dedicated to professionalism. Contact Air Specialty today for an attic fan assessment today.
The Gift of Air Conditioning Service

The Gift of Air Conditioning Service

How To Win At Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approaches, you’re looking for the perfect way to honor the matriarchs of your family for all they do, often thanklessly, day in, day out. Win Mother’s Day with the gift of air conditioning service. Make sure your mom, wife or favorite “like-a-mom-to me” is cool and comfortable all summer long with the gift of a properly-maintained HVAC system. She’ll be “humble bragging” to her friends about her thoughtful and loving child before you know it! (Aka: you won at Mother’s Day this year)! Why is air conditioning service the best thing to give mom this Mother’s Day?
  • The temps are climbing. Summer is at our doorstep and the mercury is rising. As we get into the full effect of the Alabama summer heat, the air conditioning is going to be put to the test to keep us comfortable as well as to keep those energy bills from hitting the roof. There’s never been a better time to get air conditioning service – before it gets seriously hot around here.
  • Her health is important to you. An air conditioning service call can identify ways to improve the indoor air quality for the mom in your life. Indoor air quality, of course, keeps her more comfortable and shields her from chronic conditions, potentially caused by poor indoor air, including allergies, asthma, COPD and migraines. If she already has respiratory ailments, heating and air companies like Air-Specialty, offer FREE IAQ consultations, to research and audit the status of a home’s indoor air and recommend methods to correct it.
  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Mom loves it when you are conscientious. Wasn’t she always telling you when you were growing up to be proactive and avoid problems before they occur? The gift of an air conditioning service call will show her you’ve been paying attention after all. Regular maintenance of her air conditioner also keeps her system working at its best, preventing larger issues from developing, elongating the life of the unit and saves mom money on her energy bills.
  • You’re out of other gift ideas. Flowers, chocolates and other typical gifts just don’t cut it for your amazing mom. Get creative this year and give mom a gift she can truly appreciate, the gift of an air conditioner humming along and keeping her cool!
Don’t leave your mom’s HVAC service up to just anyone – choose Mobile’s leading heating and air company for your mom’s gift of cool air this Mother’s Day. For over 25 years, Air Specialty has proudly serviced HVACs of all kinds in Mobile and its surrounding communities. Check our reviews on the BBB and Google! Our NATE-certified technicians take pride in their work and will roll out the red carpet treatment for the special mom in your life this Mother’s Day. Contact Air Specialty today for an HVAC service appointment.
Check Your HVAC System

Check Your HVAC System

Celebrate Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month

Every May, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America raises awareness for these common conditions for the entire month, deeming it “National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month.” In Alabama and Mississippi, our allergy seasons tend to extend year round as our winters tend to be mild enough to allow some flowering plants even in December and January. Keeping your HVAC system serviced and clean is a step to prevent allergies and other respiratory illnesses from getting worse. Asthma and allergies affect millions of Americans with no cure in sight. In fact, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, ten people die each day from asthma and upwards of 24.5 million Americans (approximately six million of them children) suffer from this chronic condition. Statistics indicate the number of people affected by both allergies and asthma are rising. Although there is no cure for asthma and allergies, raising awareness is essential as many deaths are preventable with proper treatment and care. As we turn attention toward these serious health concerns and knowing we tend to spend 90% of our time indoors, especially for our kids, we must ask ourselves, “What can we do to make our homes healthier?” The answer is this: there are many actions you can take to clean the “lungs” of your home – by the lungs, we of course mean your HVAC system.
  • Using your AC 24/7 helps. Allergies are difficult enough to deal with on their own, and for asthma sufferers, they can trigger a dangerous asthma attack. During peak allergy season, keeping doors and windows closed with the air conditioner running full-time can prevent the triggers from easily entering your home.
  • Pre-filters can clean the air better. A quality pre-filter for your air conditioner can be essential in improving indoor air quality for asthma sufferers.  These filters must be replaced every month, routinely. Keep in mind the higher the number, the smaller the particles your filter will remove from the air, and the harder your system works to push air through the filter. Your HVAC service provider should be able to recommend a pre-filter best for your HVAC system.
  • Consider a media filter. Often referred to as a HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air), these types of filters go further in removing small particles or floating matter from the air inside your home and have shown to be effective in helping allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • Check your ductwork and HVAC system. Air-Specialty, a heating and cooling company and leading proponent of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Alabama and Mississippi, offers a free IAQ Consultation. Take us up on it. Our trained technicians have the tools and ability to access all of your HVAC components and assess their condition and how they’re affecting your IAQ.
  • Learn about IAQ products to complement your system. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Air-Specialty carries a full line of products to improve your indoor air quality, such as dehumidifiers, fresh air ventilators, ultraviolet lights and air purifiers.
  • Ask your HVAC partner for advice. An experienced HVAC service provider, like Air-Specialty, stays current on industry practices and emerging technologies to improve your home’s air quality. From updating your entire system to routine maintenance, your HVAC technicians can help improve your IAQ and keep those asthma and allergy-sufferers in your family feeling their best.
Air-Specialty, for over two decades, has been the leading HVAC service provider in Mobile and its surrounding communities. This May while we raise awareness for allergy and asthma, count on our NATE-certified technicians to ensure your indoor air quality is optimal! “You’ll find the quality of our workmanship is second to none,” says co-owner Jerry Anderson. Residents in and around Mobile agree, bringing strong reviews to Air-Specialty on the BBB and Google.  Contact us today for a free consultation.
What’s Your Arbor Day IAQ…Indoor Air Quality

What’s Your Arbor Day IAQ…Indoor Air Quality

It’s Arbor Day and the perfect time to look at your Arbor Day IQ as well as your IAQ! Let’s start with learning more about Arbor Day. A little bit about the holiday’s history: We celebrate April 27th, an observance to celebrate the role of trees in our lives and promote tree planting and care. Arbor Day was first recognized as a holiday in 1872. However tree planting festivals have been recorded much earlier. The celebration of Arbor Day in the United States began in Nebraska City, Nebraska, where they wanted to encourage environmental stewardship and encourage everyone to set aside a specific day to plant trees. Now we’ve improved your Arbor Day IQ a smidge – let’s look at your Arbor Day IAQ. Arbor Day is the perfect time to look at all the ways we can go green. Of course, planting trees outside is the obvious move for your Arbor Day green-effort, and you can look inside your home for additional ways to improve the environment. Why good Indoor Air Quality Matters: The EPA refers to indoor air quality as air quality within and around buildings and structures, as it relates to the health and comfort of occupants. Indoor air quality affects comfort as well as short and long-term impact on health. Immediate and short-term effects of poor indoor air quality include irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, dizziness and fatigue. Indoor air quality can also impact those with asthma, allergies or those with compromised immune systems. Check out 4 Ways You Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Arbor Day:
  1. Institute a no-smoking policy. Eliminating smoking is an impactful step to improving your indoor air quality. You may take a look at other chemicals introduced into your home’s environment such as adhesives, perfumes, cleansers, upholstered furniture foam and air fresheners.
  2. Keep the humidity low. Your HVAC service provider can help you explore ways to monitor humidity levels to keep your indoor air quality at its best. From programmable thermostats to dehumidifiers there are many easy-to-implement measures to keep your humidity at optimal levels.
  3. Add some foliage to your décor. Certain common houseplants are proven to improve indoor air quality. For example, the English Ivy, Peace Lily and Chrysanthemum all proactively improve the quality of your home’s air, literally cleaning it for you. In honor of Arbor Day or anytime, why not add some green to your home’s décor?
  4. Service your HVAC system and have your ducts cleaned. Regular maintenance of your air conditioner or heat pump will ensure all components are clean, lubricated and free of dust and debris. Ventilation systems can accumulate a lot of contaminants over time, especially if you have pets, live in a high pollen area or have recently completed construction or renovations. Duct cleaning will look for any leaks in your ductwork as well, preventing energy loss and accidental transference of CO gas into your living environment.
Air Specialty is proud to be the leader in HVAC services in the Mobile area for over 25 years. We are dedicated to helping our customers enjoy the very best indoor air quality possible. We care about your health and safety so if improving your air quality is on your agenda this Arbor Day, call us! A member of our NATE-certified technician team will be happy to meet with you and assess your current HVAC systems, answer questions about media air cleaners, ultraviolet air purifiers and other products to improve your comfort levels. Have a family member with severe allergies, asthma, COPD or other respiratory ailments? If the health of a loved one would immediately benefit from an upgraded HVAC system and air quality improvements, Air Speciality works with a variety of lenders to help you finance a new system. Contact us today to get started.
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