Modern heating and air conditioning technologies are more efficient than ever. They’re also better at keeping your Mobile, Alabama home comfortable. Many systems that are more advanced are also more expensive, but they’re a good investment because they offer energy savings. You can lower your utility bills, stay comfortable, and help the environment with cutting-edge HVAC technologies like a multi-stage system, a ductless system, a programmable thermostat, or a geothermal heat pump.

Multi-Stage HVAC Systems

Standard single-stage systems stay on at full power until the temperature in your home matches the setting on your thermostat and they shut off when the temperature goes back up or down. This causes uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. Many newer HVAC systems have multiple stages of heating and cooling and variable fan speeds. They can automatically run colder or hotter and increase or decrease airflow to conserve energy and keep you more comfortable. Most of these systems only work at full power on the hottest or coldest days.

Since multi-stage systems stay on longer, they’re also better at dehumidifying your home. Lower humidity keeps mold and many pests away. It also helps you to feel cooler in summer. You can set your thermostat to a higher temperature and save even more energy without feeling too hot.

Ductless Systems

Ductless heating and air conditioning systems, also called multi-split or mini-split systems, are similar to conventional HVAC systems. They have an outdoor compressor or condenser and one or more indoor air handling units. Instead of ductwork, a conduit that’s only about three inches wide connects these parts. This means you’ll never have to worry about leaky ductwork that wastes energy, you won’t have to clean or maintain ducts, and you’ll have more space in your closets and attic.

Ductless systems are also quieter and easier to install than conventional systems. Since dust, dirt, mold, and other contaminants can’t accumulate in your ductwork and spread through your home, you’ll have better indoor air quality as well. If your ductless HVAC system has more than one indoor unit, you can set a different temperature for each unit. This is called zoning, and you can use it to avoid heating or cooling unoccupied areas. Zoning will save more energy if your home is large or has multiple stories. Some ductless systems with zoning even have remote controls for extra convenience.

Programmable Thermostats

A programmable thermostat can raise or lower the temperature in your home when you’re at work or asleep and then gradually move to a more comfortable temperature you return home or wake up. This keeps you comfortable and saves energy. You can program different schedules for every day of the week and vacations with many models. With others, you can set one schedule for weekends and one for weekdays. Many programmable thermostats can control several zones as well. That way, you can control the temperature in your entire home without having to visit every room or zone.

Some programmable thermostats have convenient color touchscreens, and they can connect to your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Some models can even monitor your indoor air quality and humidity and let you know when you should change your air filter.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps are similar to standard heat pumps, but they use less energy. They exchange heat with the ground or a nearby body of water instead of the air, and the temperature underground and underwater stays constant all year. Instead of an outdoor unit, a geothermal system has a network of water-filled pipes underground or underwater. These systems are more expensive, but they save a lot of energy and they can increase the value of your home.

Geothermal systems can also provide hot water for your home. The indoor unit can last for 25 years, breakdowns are rare, and the pipes last for up to 100 years. Geothermal heat pumps don’t bring outside air into your home like most other systems, so your indoor air quality will be better. You also won’t have to worry about pollutants like carbon monoxide poisoning because geothermal systems don’t burn fuel.

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