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Improve AC Airflow 5 Ways to Improve AC Airflow for Better Efficiency September 11, 2019 - HVAC systems run at a consistent pace in order to work efficiently. The overall design of your HVAC system is so that it can circulate air at a rate that can cool your house and maintain that set temperature if everything is working correctly. This is particularly important in places like Chickasaw, Alabama, where the […]
air conditioning innovations 7 Impressive Innovations in Air Conditioners July 11, 2019 - As a homeowner in Chickasaw, Alabama, you’re probably interested in hearing about more innovative, efficient, and affordable ways to cool your home. Thanks to vast improvements in HVAC technology, air conditioners are more effective and energy-efficient than ever before. Let’s take a look at several impressive innovations that can help you stay cool during the […]
Heat pump installation How to Know When to Install a New Heat Pump June 28, 2019 - A quality AC or heat pump system can keep you comfortable for a long time, but nothing lasts forever. You’ll eventually have to decide when it’s time to replace your existing system with a new model. Opting for a new installation at the right time can save you a great deal of time, money and […]
Happy, comfortable family What to Know Before Buying a New Heat Pump March 20, 2019 - With their ability to heat, cool and manage humidity efficiently, it’s no wonder heat pumps have become so popular. Still, despite their popularity, many Chickasaw, AL homeowners simply don’t know much about them. To help you make better, more informed choices for your home, here’s everything you need to know about buying a heat pump. […]
HVAC technician Our Maintenance Plans Save You Money. Here’s How. January 21, 2019 - You wouldn’t dream of driving across the country without first making sure that your vehicle could handle the trip. For indoor comfort in all kinds of weather, your air conditioning and heating systems need proactive care too. At Air Specialty, our maintenance plans ensure you stay warm all winter and comfortably cool all summer long. […]
Marine Refrigeration & HVAC Services in Semmes, AL We Have the Marine Refrigeration & HVAC Services You Need November 25, 2018 - Whether you run a crew boat, drill rig, or enjoy a personal boat or yacht, it’s essential for your marine refrigeration and HVAC systems to operate properly. They make your work or play time comfortable and keep your groceries fresh. It’s helpful to understand how these systems work for your Semmes, AL vessel, and what […]
Know Your HVAC 5 Energy Efficiency Terms Every Homeowner Should Learn and Know December 26, 2017 - To maintain your HVAC system properly and lower your home’s utility bills in Mobile, Alabama, you should learn and know the most common energy efficiency terms. That way, you can communicate with your HVAC service technician easily and choose an efficient HVAC system for your home. MERV The MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, is […]
Seal Your Home Why Seal Your Home Before Colder Weather Hits October 17, 2017 - After a hot summer in Mobile, Alabama, you’re eager to break out the sweaters, boots,and hot cocoa. Colder weather, as long as it doesn’t dip into the extremes, is a welcome respite from the heat and humidity of summer. But without preparation, it can also be a drain on your energy efficiency. The change in […]
Workplace Productivity How IAQ and Workplace Productivity Are Intertwined August 23, 2017 - The indoor air quality (IAQ) of your commercial property in Daphne, Alabama, can impact the comfort, health, and productivity of your employees. Poor IAQ causes discomfort, fatigue, and several other health conditions that decrease productivity levels in the workplace. Take measures to ensure proper humidity control, air purification, ventilation, and regular HVAC maintenance to improve […]
5 Ways to Use Less Energy This Summer June 25, 2017 - As the summer temperatures climb in Saraland, Alabama, most homeowners’ energy bills follow suit. If you make a few smart changes to your household habits, however, you can reduce your energy consumption and keep utility bills low. From using a smart thermostat to replacing HVAC filters, discover five ways to use less energy this summer. […]
Adjust Thermostat How to Get Your Home Ready Before You Take a Vacation April 28, 2017 - Making a few changes to your Saraland, Alabama, home before you take a vacation can help you prevent inconvenient problems and expensive repairs. Getting your home ready before you leave also gives you extra peace of mind so you can relax on your trip. Prepare your home before a vacation by unplugging appliances, turning off […]
allergen free 6 Ways to Keep Your Saraland Home Allergen Free February 22, 2017 - Here in Saraland, Alabama, we have a number of allergy-inducing plants and trees that cause discomfort for many people. If you’re suffering from allergy symptoms, you may find that a lot of these issues start in your home. Constant exposure to air that is of poor quality or that contains allergens will create respiratory problems […]
Reduce Your Allergy Symptoms How to Reduce Your Allergy Symptoms December 9, 2016 - Even in winter, you could have annoying allergy symptoms from pollen, mold, pest droppings or dust. These allergens can collect in your furnace and then spread through your Mobile, Alabama, home when you start using your heater this winter. You can reduce your allergy symptoms by ridding your home of allergens, controlling your home’s humidity, […]
mold 4 Surprising Places Mold Might Be Lurking in Your Home October 24, 2016 - Mold is one of the last things you want to find inside, but it could be growing in several places in your Mobile, Alabama, home. Discover four surprising places mold could be lurking, like your air conditioner and your laundry room, and learn how to get rid of it once and for all. Your Kitchen […]
hvac technologies 4 Cutting Edge HVAC Technologies August 10, 2016 - Modern heating and air conditioning technologies are more efficient than ever. They’re also better at keeping your Mobile, Alabama home comfortable. Many systems that are more advanced are also more expensive, but they’re a good investment because they offer energy savings. You can lower your utility bills, stay comfortable, and help the environment with cutting-edge […]
indoor air quality How to Protect Your Indoor Air Quality June 10, 2016 - Poor indoor air quality in your Mobile, Alabama, home can lead to asthma attacks, allergies, watery eyes, headaches, nosebleeds, fatigue, nausea, trouble concentrating, and more. It could even increase your risk of cancer. People who stay inside a lot, therefore, get more exposure to indoor air pollutants are usually more vulnerable. They include children, the […]
geothermal energy Making Geothermal Energy Work For You April 25, 2016 - By harnessing the energy buried in the earth, a geothermal heat pump can heat or cool your Eight Mile, Alabama, home efficiently and reliably for decades. Learn how a geothermal heat pump works and how it can conserve energy resources, keep your home comfortable in both summer and winter, and save you money. How a […]
furnace vs heat pump Furnace vs Heat Pump: Which is Better for My Home? February 1, 2016 - The debate between furnaces and heat pumps is a common one, but is one really better for homeowners in Semmes, Alabama? They will both heat your home, but they do so through different methods, and a heat pump has the advantage of providing cooling as well. Size, features, efficiency, and cost are also important factors. […]
6 Fall Maintenance Tasks that Save You Money November 18, 2015 - Semmes, Alabama residents are lucky to enjoy more favorable weather at the beginning of fall, with much cooler temperatures starting in November. It is important to prepare your home for the season ahead with simple maintenance tasks. This helps to ensure your home and systems are in good condition to face whatever winter may bring. […]
Thermostat Problems Lead to Inefficient Operation September 14, 2015 - When problems arise with your cooling system, your comfort level can plummet quickly. While there are many possible causes, it is a good idea to start with the thermostat. Sometimes just a simple adjustment can resolve thermostat problems, restore comfort and save energy. Cooling System Doesn’t Start Up Your cooling system’s failure to start could […]
DIY Checklist DIY Checklist for Summer – HVAC, Air Quality, and Insulation July 20, 2015 - Summer is the perfect season to spend a little time taking care of home maintenance tasks, and this should include ensuring your HVAC system is functioning efficiently. The investments you make will pay dividends in the form of greater home comfort, lower utility bills and lower long-term maintenance costs. Keep Your HVAC System Running Efficiently You […]
Air Specialty Air Conditioning New High Tech Furnace and Heat Pump Choices March 5, 2015 - Is it time to upgrade your home’s heating or cooling system? With all of the new high tech options on the market, which type of unit is going to work best for your home. Here, we break down the basic pros for heat pumps and furnaces so you can decide what works for your family. Consider the Climate The […]
Air Specialty Heating Systems and Heat Pumps Is A Heat Pump In Your Future? 5 Key Features To Assess February 15, 2015 - A heat pump is an excellent option for home comfort management in the Mobile area. Because winters are mild, a heat pump can provide safe and effective heating during the winter and cooling during the summer. As you begin to look at new systems, read through the following five features in order to help you […]
Energy Efficient Homes Equal Energy Cost Savings January 15, 2015 - Even with the recent down tic in gas prices, Mobile residents are always looking for ways to save money, reduce energy use, and lighten up their carbon footprint. To do this, it takes understanding of two simple principles: energy conservation and energy efficiency. A quick read below, and you will be shocked at how easy it is stop wasting money […]
evaporator coil leak What Causes the A/C Evaporator Coil in Your Home to Leak? October 15, 2014 - Air conditioning is one luxury you can’t afford to do without. So when you see a large puddle of water forming around the base of your central A/C unit or if you notice it’s not cooling as well as it should, have an HVAC professional take a close look at your system. Evaporator leaks don’t […]
zoning systems Zoning Systems: How They Operate and What Benefits They Provide August 19, 2014 - Keeping your entire home comfortable and trimming energy bills are the most significant zoning system benefits homeowners reap when they zone their homes. A zoned home is divided into separate areas based on different needs for cooling and heating. Without zoning, temperatures can vary widely throughout the home based on a room’s orientation to the sun, level in the house, […]
ductwork design With Good Ductwork Design, You’ll Boost Your Budget June 27, 2014 - Between your furnace or air conditioner and creating a comfortable environment in your living spaces you can find the principles of proper ductwork design. Airflow is your system’s life force, and ducts are the conduit that makes your home a livable, energy-efficient environment. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. Where ducts are not accorded appropriate […]
NATE Certified HVAC Technician Creating An Energy Efficient Home January 15, 2014 - With energy prices on the rise and natural resources quickly diminishing, Mobile residents are always looking for ways to reduce energy consumption to save money and lower their carbon footprint. Reducing the amount of energy you use through practicing energy conservation and maintaining an energy efficient home will help you do both. The Difference Between Conservation and Efficiency […]
Programmable Thermostats and Creating Zones May 22, 2013 - Just as every household runs on a different time schedule, each room in your home has its own heating and cooling requirements as well. Ensuring that the rooms everyone uses throughout the day are comfortable can be as challenging as trying to keep track of all of your family’s comings and goings. Luckily, you don’t […]
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