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Black dog laying in the grass outside | Efficient Air Conditioning | Air Specialty Combat the “Dog Days of Summer” with Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning August 14, 2018 - The dog days of summer are officially here! At Air Specialty, we’ve been thinking about this strange turn of phrase. The term “dog days” actually is a reference to the dog star, Sirius. To the Greeks and Romans, the “dog days” occurred around late July, when Sirius would be closest to the sun. Bet they […]
Woman having a heard time listening for what is going wrong | Air Conditioner | Air Specialty Did My Air Conditioner Make That Weird Sound? August 7, 2018 - Where would you be without your air conditioner? It is a magical, magnificent machine. It keeps you cool and comfortable with little effort other than a press of a button. It’s true – air conditioners are amazing pieces of equipment. We can’t, or at least don’t want to, live without. It’s important to understand your […]
Lady wondering what is next for her air conditioner | Air Conditioner Unit | Air Specialty Replace or Repair Your Air Conditioning Unit? July 31, 2018 - Thinking of listing your home or staying put – we’ll help you decide The heat of summer requires your air conditioning unit to work extra hard to keep you cool while combating the sweltering heat outside This can cause you to experience breakdowns, less than optimal performance and even consider the possibility of replacing your […]
Condensation from humidity on window | Air Specialty | Air Conditioner Combine a Dehumidifier with Your Air Conditioner to Reduce Humidity July 24, 2018 - Help Summer in Alabama Dry Out Alabama is one of the most humid places in the country, especially during the dog days of summer! Alabama’s summer humidity can average in the 80th percentiles (even when it’s NOT raining). It’s easy to see why things get muggy even on the inside of your home. Understand the […]
Woman turning on ductless air conditioner | Air Specialty Run Your Central Air Conditioner Less with Ductless Air Conditioning July 18, 2018 - Empty nesters and singles listen up! Has your house outgrown you? Whether your youngest child is now at college or you don’t inhabit certain rooms in your house as much as others, you could be overusing your central air conditioner. You could be a prime candidate for the benefits of ductless air conditioning. Installing a […]
Newborn baby sleeping with teddy bear | Air conditioner | Air Specialty Expecting? Is Air Conditioning in Your Home Ready? July 10, 2018 - “Baby-proofing” your home’s HVAC helps everyone’s indoor air quality and comfort If you are one of the many soon-to-be parents, it’s time to ensure your home is baby-proofed. More than baby-proofing the cabinets and the stairs, you must make sure the air conditioning in your home is reliable, serviced and ready to provide comfort to […]
Trimming and landscaping a yard | AC compressor | Air Specialty Remember These Top AC Compressor Landscaping Tips July 3, 2018 - Summer is hot, and you might prefer to stay indoors with the AC cranking, just don’t forget to venture out into the heat once in a while to check your AC compressor. AC compressor units need love too and following a few best practices can help your entire HVAC unit last longer, run better, keep […]
Heat pump maintenance | Air Specialty The Beginner’s Guide To Heat Pumps June 27, 2018 - Great alternative to air conditioner and furnace Heat pumps are widely used throughout the southern United States as a way to keep homes comfortable year round. The term heat pump is a general name used to refer to many HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) devices homeowners rely on for heating or cooling. If you […]
Sunset over the horizon | HVAC breakdown | Air Specialty Longest Day of the Year is Not Summer Solstice – It’s the Day Your Mobile AC Breaks! June 20, 2018 - Schedule Air Conditioner Repair or Maintenance Now On June 21st, we mark the summer solstice when the Earth’s rotational axis is most inclined toward the Sun. On the summer solstice, the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky as seen from the North or South Pole. This happens two times each year – once […]
Summer outdoor party | HVAC | Air conditioner | Air Specialty Is Your Air Conditioner Service Summer-Party Ready? June 13, 2018 - Summer is finally here, and it’s time to celebrate the season. Let’s face it, we celebrate because the sun is shining, the pool looks inviting and summer brings a lot of holidays warranting get-togethers. We’ll soon be gathering with friends and family to celebrate holidays such as Juneteenth, Fathers’ Day and July 4th. While we […]
New room addition | Ductless air conditioning | Air Specialty Ductless Cooling – The Perfect Addition to Your Man Cave or Room Addition June 6, 2018 - Considering an addition to your home? Be sure to think about the climate control; you’ll need to keep comfortable once the remodeling is complete. Ductless cooling can be a smart and energy efficient way to address temperature needs in any of your home’s additions including sunrooms, finished garage spaces and more. With over 25 years […]
Boy with Flags during Memorial Day Parade | AC Service | Air Specialty Schedule AC Service Before Memorial Day May 23, 2018 - Keep Cool While the Grill is Hot The unofficial kick off to summer happens long before the calendar marks the summer solstice in June. We all know when it’s time for BBQ’s, pool parties and outdoor festivities – Memorial Day. Of course, Memorial Day, which has a history dating back to the Civil War, is […]
Old attic space in home | Air conditioning | Air Specialty Give Your Alabama Air Conditioning a Boost May 16, 2018 - Attic Fans 101 If you live in an Alabama or Mississippi home with an attic fan, you may be unsure how it works with your air conditioning system. For example, you might wonder if it is good or bad to use it, if it will run up your electric bill or if it will take […]
Mother and daughter embracing in a hug | Air Conditioning Service | Air Specialty The Gift of Air Conditioning Service May 9, 2018 - How To Win At Mother’s Day As Mother’s Day approaches, you’re looking for the perfect way to honor the matriarchs of your family for all they do, often thanklessly, day in, day out. Win Mother’s Day with the gift of air conditioning service. Make sure your mom, wife or favorite “like-a-mom-to me” is cool and […]
Infant on breathing treatment | HVAC system | Air Specialty Check Your HVAC System May 2, 2018 - Spring can be a nightmare for sufferers of asthma or allergies. Easy steps you can take at home to ease the symptoms:
Water droplet on the ground near trees | Air Quality | Air Specialty What’s Your Arbor Day IAQ…Indoor Air Quality April 24, 2018 - It’s Arbor Day and the perfect time to look at your Arbor Day IQ as well as your IAQ! Let’s start with learning more about Arbor Day. A little bit about the holiday’s history: We celebrate April 27th, an observance to celebrate the role of trees in our lives and promote tree planting and care. […]
Snacks out for springtime party | AC repair | Air Specialty Spring Is The Time For Parties (Not HVAC Repairs) April 18, 2018 - Spring is in the air! It’s the time of year for new beginnings and for events with copious birthdays, Mother’s Day, Graduations, Prom Nights and more reasons to entertain our friends and families in our homes. When spring fever is at its fever pitch for party-planning and home entertaining, make sure your home is as […]
small building in backyard | Indoor Air Quality | Air Specialty Trending Now: Granny Pods + Ductless Heating and Cooling April 11, 2018 - The granny pod is a hot topic lately with the aging of our society and the need for creative solutions to accommodate senior members of our families. The “granny pod” is a term used to describe a form of multi-generational housing, often a prefabricated housing unit designed to be placed in the backyard of an […]
Pool decorations at home in bathtub | New AC | Air Conditioner | Air Specialty Stay Cool during Your Staycation with a New Air Conditioner April 4, 2018 - Summer’s just around the corner, and you may be planning to skip the road trips and busy summer destinations this year. The art of the summer “staycation” has been increasing in popularity this summer. Instead of traveling cross country, many folks are choosing to stay in their own neighborhoods and spend their summer months enjoying […]
Fan in the hand of a woman | HVAC Humidity Control | Air Specialty Top 3 Ways To Control Humidity This Spring, Summer March 28, 2018 - “It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity.” We’ve all heard it and probably said it in the heat of one of Alabama’s scorching summer days. It’s not just an adage we like to say during the dog days of summer, it’s a fact we feel more discomfort when there is more humidity in the air. […]
HVAC system cleaning | Cleaning the kitchen | Air Specialty HVAC Cleaning: DIY Or Hire A Pro? March 20, 2018 - It’s time to spring-clean your HVAC system for sure! The question on your mind probably is: can I do the HVAC system cleaning myself to save time and money or should I enlist the help of an HVAC professional to help me? The answer is yes and yes. In other words, there are some things […]
Spring blooms on a tree | Spring hvac inspection | Air specialty Why A Spring HVAC Inspection Should Be On Your To-do List March 13, 2018 - Spring is in the air. The trees are blooming. The birds are chirping and the promise of summer tantalizes our senses. While spring fever may be your current state of mind, be sure to clear some space for a spring HVAC inspection before the last April shower comes and goes. 4 Reasons You Should Schedule […]
Daylight Saving Time | HVAC | Air Specialty How To Optimize Daylight Savings For A Lower Energy Bill March 6, 2018 - Daylight saving is here. It’s the time we traditionally look forward to as it signals the start of summer with longer days and more sunshine. It can save more than just daylight; it can save you money on your energy bills! Check out the top 4 ways to save money on your energy bill during […]
Ductless heating | Air Specialty Solve Your HVAC Challenges With Ductless Heating February 26, 2018 - If you have a room addition or a room in your home that you just can’t seem to keep warm in winter and cool in summer, ductless heating might be the perfect solution for you. Ductless heating systems are also known as mini-split systems and may solve all your HVAC challenges without requiring a costly […]
HVAC Service Plan | Saving Money | President's Day | Air Speciality How A HVAC Service Plan Can Save You Serious Money! February 19, 2018 - Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Your choice to learn more about how an HVAC service plan can save some serious “benjamins” this President’s Day is in keeping with our founding father’s philosophy. Spend some time this President’s Day setting up a new HVAC service plan from the Mobile […]
HVAC preventive maintenance valentines gift | Air Specialty Heat Things Up This Valentine’s Day With HVAC Preventive Maintenance February 13, 2018 - Whatever your Valentine’s Day plans are this year, make sure you and your loved ones are keeping warm with an HVAC preventive maintenance plan. While your HVAC unit and its performance may not seem like the most romantic topic, nothing will kill the mood quicker than too cold or too hot temperatures along with a […]
Heat pump maintenance | Air Specialty 4 Heat Pump Maintenance Tips To Keep You Warm This Winter February 6, 2018 - This winter a cold wave has nearly the entire United States in its grips, creating colder than average temps even in the normally moderate areas of the Southern and Southeastern parts of the country. With the grips of “old man winter” upon us, it’s more important than ever to keep our homes heated and our […]
Home Furnace Inspection | Air Specialty How Much Is Too Much For a Furnace Inspection? January 24, 2018 - A yearly furnace inspection is an excellent way to extend the life of your furnace as well as ensure energy efficiency which can result in cost savings in both the short and long term. Choosing a reputable service provider and understanding what to expect can help you ensure you get a quality furnace inspection and […]
Home zoning temperature control | Air Specialty 4 Reasons You Should Be Using HVAC Zone Controls This Winter January 17, 2018 - It is not uncommon for even the highest quality and well-maintained HVAC system to struggle to heat your residential or commercial property consistently and evenly throughout every room. We’ve all experienced those situations where an upstairs bedroom is freezing while the rest of the house is comfortable or family members struggle to “agree” on the […]
Smart Home HVAC technology | Air Specialty Trending HVAC Tech That Can Change Everything January 10, 2018 - Technology can change everything. Remember how our lives changed with the arrival of smartphones? Taking advantage of the latest advances, the heating and cooling world is also tapping into the tech tools to improve product functionality and provide better options to customers. HVAC technology can now allow your system to remotely communicate with operators to […]
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