If you are thinking about selling your home, you want to take the right steps to improve its equity. While there are many areas in your house that you could target, your HVAC system would be a great place to start, as it’s one of those appliances that has an impact on the value of any home in Semmes, AL. Keep reading to discover some of the best HVAC upgrades you can make to improve your home’s equity.

1. Improve Your Insulation

One of the most effective ways of improving the quality and function of your HVAC is boosting your home’s insulation. When you insulate your walls adequately, you automatically boost your home’s capacity to regulate the internal temperature and lower the demand on your HVAC system.

Although many homebuyers can upgrade their new home’s insulation, most of them would readily pay more for a house that already has such projects done for them. Very few people want to take on major home projects after moving into a new home.

2. Upgrade Your Ductwork

If your HVAC system has not been fully efficient over the last few months, then upgrading the air ducts may be a wise move. The ductwork is one of those portions of your HVAC system that deteriorates over time. Of course, deterioration tends to reduce any HVAC system’s efficiency, leading to high energy bills and discomfort.

For instance, leaking ductwork prevents enough air from flowing into your rooms, and that’s why it’s recommended to check and seal the ductwork regularly to prevent air loss. Any cracks or gaps along the ducts can easily create uneven temperature distribution throughout your home, making it difficult to achieve optimum comfort.

Remember that sealing the ducts is also a great way to reduce the need for expert indoor air quality services, as it reduces the risk of pollutants from dusty attics and other areas from getting into the ducts and circulating throughout your home.

3. Upgrade Your HVAC Thermostat

If you’re still using a manual HVAC thermostat, upgrading to a smart thermostat can improve your HVAC’s function and efficiency tremendously. Notably, it’s one of the best ways to conserve energy in your home because it allows you to schedule your heating or cooling based on your routine. With it, you can have separate schedules for weekends, holidays and regular days.

For instance, you can set it to bring your house to a certain temperature when you wake up or before you return home from work. Moreover, the device can “learn” your routine by communicating with your cameras or motion sensors. This means that you won’t have to program as much data, and you’ll be able to save more power than you would with a regular thermostat.

4. Install Central HVAC

To upgrade your HVAC system, you should also consider adding central heating and air. Many homebuyers consider central cooling and heating a standard feature instead of an HVAC upgrade; therefore, lacking it may hurt your chances of getting a good price for your home.

People usually prefer the central air and heating system because it cleans the air and improves the air quality efficiently, and it cools and heats the entire house within minutes.

As you can see, there are several ways to upgrade your HVAC system to increase your home’s value today. If you’re ready to upgrade your system today, don’t hesitate to seek our professional services. Contact Air Specialty today to get an excellent heating or cooling system repair or installation service.

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