HVAC systems help you maintain optimum temperatures in your building. Potential problems with the system may affect its efficiency and even lead to a breakdown. Here are seven common commercial issues you may experience and how to avoid them in Wilmer, AL.

1. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Air filters in your commercial HVAC system help to filter dust, dirt and other air pollutants. These pollutants may trigger allergies, asthma attacks and other respiratory illnesses. Changing the air filters regularly will help to improve the quality of your indoor air.

Clogging of the air filters reduces the efficiency of your HVAC system. The system works harder to regulate the temperature and also increases wear and tear. Cleaning or replacing your air filters every month will help to increase the lifespan of your HVAC system.

Excess humidity in your indoor air provides a favorable environment for biological contaminants that may cause respiratory illnesses. Low humidity causes skin irritation, watery eyes and other serious illnesses. It is important to ensure that there is a proper balance of moisture in your indoor air to improve your comfort.

2. High Energy Bills

Dramatic rise of energy bills might indicate a potential problem with the HVAC system. Issues such as leaks and dirty filters make the system strain while heating or cooling your structure, leading to higher energy consumption. Having a professional service technician to run a diagnosis will help identify and fix any problems.

Old or worn-out components in your HVAC system may also lead to increased energy bills. Replacing the old parts in your system will increase the efficiency of your system. It will help you save money, especially if the repair costs are higher than a new part’s costs. This will also help you reduce your carbon footprint

3. Uneven Heating and Cooling

Leaks and blockages in the ductwork can lead to cold and hot spots in your building. Furniture and other items can block the air vents that supply heat. Having your ducts inspected for leaks and insulated will help to promote even distribution of heat.

4. Commercial HVAC Thermostat Malfunctions

Thermostat malfunctions cause irregular temperature variations in your system, which may cause discomfort. The malfunctions may arise if the thermostat is not well-positioned in the room. Consulting an HVAC professional will help to check the thermostat settings and program it accurately to ensure the system is at its peak performance.

Faulty thermostats are also caused by dirty or worn-out sensors. The sensors may send inaccurate readings to your HVAC system and result in uncomfortable temperatures. You should consider replacing your thermostat if its very old.

5. Lack of Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Lack of regular maintenance for your system leads to decreased efficiency, frequent repairs and even a breakdown. Frequent repairs are costly, and they increase the wear and tear of your system. Having an HVAC expert run maintenance regularly will help you identify and solve any issue in your system.

Short-cycling is when your HVAC system shuts down after running for a very short period of time, without reaching the temperature called for by the thermostat. People in the building will be uncomfortable as a result. Scheduling regular maintenance will ensure that all components are clean and in good condition. This will prevent any unexpected shutdowns and equipment failures and increase your system’s efficiency in providing comfort.

6. Commercial HVAC Leaking Refrigerant

Leaks lead to inadequate refrigerant in your commercial HVAC system, and this results in poor absorption of heat from the indoor air. System vibrations and disconnection of joints in your system can cause refrigerant leaks. Ensure that you have a qualified technician to check your refrigerant levels and refill your system.

7. Strange Noises

Your commercial HVAC system produces low or soft noise when operational. However, loud and strange noises such as banging, whistling, clunking and rumbling usually indicate a problem. The noises are usually caused by leaks, loose ducts, dirty air filters or cracked heat exchangers. Consulting a professional service technician will help identify the cause of the noise and fix any problems.

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