You wouldn’t dream of driving across the country without first making sure that your vehicle could handle the trip. For indoor comfort in all kinds of weather, your air conditioning and heating systems need proactive care too. At Air Specialty, our maintenance plans ensure you stay warm all winter and comfortably cool all summer long. Our precision tune-ups can also save you a bundle of money! Explore the many ways that scheduled HVAC maintenance from our certified experts lets you hold onto more of your hard-earned dollars.

Lower Your Energy Bills

HVAC systems are made up of many parts and components, but they’re all interrelated in some way. A single malfunction in one section impacts the efficiency of the entire system. For example, problems with airflow can reduce overall efficiency by up to 15 percent. Without proper maintenance, the systems you count on for comfort can hit you in the wallet. In the greater Mobile, AL area, heating and cooling costs average more than 40 percent of household energy expenses. Professional HVAC maintenance optimizes energy efficiency, so you spend less on monthly energy bills.

Improve System Performance

Regular tune-ups let you enjoy the full benefits of your air conditioning and heating systems. When everything runs smoothly, it’s easier for the equipment to maintain a consistently comfortable temperature. You won’t waste energy and your money making constant adjustments to thermostat settings. That improves the system’s energy efficiency, and it enhances your comfort too. You can sit back, relax and let your well-maintained HVAC systems counter the cold and defeat the heat.

Prevent Unexpected Repairs

When the mercury climbs past 90 degrees in summer, a broken air conditioner is the last thing you need. A heater that won’t keep you warm on a frigid evening is just as frustrating. Air Specialty provides the preventive heating and cooling maintenance services you need to avoid unexpected repairs and replacements. Dirt and neglect are the primary causes of system failure. Here are just some of the tasks we perform to address potential problems before they develop into an emergency repair.

  • Tighten electrical connections and measure the voltage to ensure safe operation.
  • Lubricate moving parts to reduce friction and decrease electricity consumption.
  • Clear your AC system’s condensate drain of any clogs to prevent water damage.
  • Clean dirty evaporator and condenser coils to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Check heater connections for proper operation to prevent health and safety hazards.
  • Clean blower components for optimal airflow and improved comfort.

Enjoy Money-Saving Extras

Proactive maintenance from Air Specialty includes valuable extras that put more money in your pocket. If your heating or cooling system doesn’t operate properly, you’ll receive a 10-percent discount on parts for repairs. Our specials on installations, repairs and maintenance add to your savings. You’ll also have around-the-clock access to our emergency repair services. As a maintenance plan member, you’ll go to the head of the line whenever you need us. Priority service means you can schedule appointments at the time that’s most convenient to you.

Safeguard Your Investment

Your heating and cooling systems are assets that provide you with a comfortable indoor environment year round. Protecting them with regular tune-ups lets you reap the full rewards of your investment. Our maintenance plans offer you an affordable way to obtain great performance from your comfort systems for years to come. Your air conditioning and heating systems will last longer too! Improved efficiency adds up to significant savings over the life of the system.

At Air Specialty, our energy-saving products and services save you money. We’re proud to provide heating and cooling maintenance services to communities in and around Greater Mobile, AL. Our certified experts are equipped to service every make and model of HVAC equipment. When you choose us for HVAC maintenance, you can expect to enjoy peak performance from your comfort systems. To learn more or to schedule service, call 251-415-4559 today!

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