Combat the “Dog Days of Summer” with Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning

Combat the “Dog Days of Summer” with Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning

The dog days of summer are officially here! At Air Specialty, we’ve been thinking about this strange turn of phrase. The term “dog days” actually is a reference to the dog star, Sirius. To the Greeks and Romans, the “dog days” occurred around late July, when Sirius would be closest to the sun. Bet they wish they had efficient air conditioning! July, of course, is one of the hottest times of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, hence the reference to the dog days during the hottest part of our summer. Now, how are we going to stay cool while the temps outside are so oppressive?

Reclaim Efficient Air Conditioning Comfort With Air Specialty!

  • Air Conditioner Maintenance – The first and best thing you can do to stay cool this summer starts with maintenance. Even though the optimal time to get your air conditioner serviced is in late spring, it’s not too late! Your routine AC maintenance can help your system operate better, reduce energy consumption. This lowers your monthly bills and prevents a costly and inconvenient breakdown.
  • Air Conditioner Repair – Hopefully, this doesn’t happen to you. If your air conditioner breaks down, you have a pro to call in Air Specialty. We’re here for you in Mobile and its surrounding areas 24/7. We know AC breakdowns don’t always follow a nine to five schedule.
  • New AC Unit Installation – Sometimes it just makes sense to replace your old AC unit with a brand new efficient air conditioning unit. If your system is older than ten years or if it has stopped working, you’re most likely due for a completely new AC. Financing options can help offset your initial outlay, and monthly energy savings reduce the expense.
  • Indoor Air Quality Improvement – “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” If you live in Mobile, you’ve probably said this. The humidity levels inside your home can have serious implications on your indoor air quality, the overall comfort levels in your home as well as your family’s health. Air Specialty offers many products and techniques to reduce humidity inside your Mobile home.

Efficient Air Conditioning For Your Home

For over five decades, Air Specialty has led the pack in HVAC service, repair and replacement. We provide the highest quality heating and cooling services to Mobile and its surrounding communities. We are a factory authorized Carrier dealer and offer a wide variety of financing options to help you budget for your new efficient air conditioning system if needed. Contact our professional team of NATE-certified technicians to assist with any and all of your HVAC needs during the “dog days” or anytime. Contact Air Specialty to schedule an appointment today.
Did My Air Conditioner Make That Weird Sound?

Did My Air Conditioner Make That Weird Sound?

Where would you be without your air conditioner? It is a magical, magnificent machine. It keeps you cool and comfortable with little effort other than a press of a button. It’s true – air conditioners are amazing pieces of equipment. We can’t, or at least don’t want to, live without. It’s important to understand your air conditioner so it gets the attention it deserves when it needs it! Use this guide to know the difference between the typical sounds an air conditioner makes and the noises indicating professional help is needed ASAP.

What’s Normal Versus Call An Air Conditioner Repairman Now!

Bang-Bang. If you are hearing a loud banging sound, it suggests a part is loose or broken within your AC unit. It could possibly be a connecting rod, a piston pin or a crankshaft or could also be a sign your compressor needs to be replaced. In any of these cases, your HVAC service provider should be called in to help as soon as possible to mitigate unless further and more costly damage to your system. Clank-Clank. A loud clanking sound could also be an indication of an off-balance part. It could mean the indoor blower or outdoor fan needs replacement or the compressor has come loose.  While the repair could be minor to fix, if left unattended it could destroy your HVAC system. Be sure to contact your air conditioner repair professional at the first sign of clanking! Click-Click-Click. If you notice a clicking sound coming from your air conditioner when it starts up or at shut down, you may have a serious issue with your air conditioner electrical system. While some clicking is normal, longer clicking than average can be an indication of a larger, more dangerous problem. Be sure to contact your HVAC technician if you are concerned there could be an electrical issue Buzzing. Unless you have a beehive nearby, buzzing from the outside of your air conditioner could indicate a wide variety of problems, ranging from loose parts to debris in or on your unit to a loose outdoor fan motor is loose. Buzzing sounds could also indicate maintenance is required such as dirty condenser coils.

Call in the Air Conditioner Repair Pros – Air Specialty

These four common noises you might hear your air conditioner making could be minor, or they could be a sign of a larger or even dangerous problem. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the “normal” sounds your AC makes, so you know when there is a potential problem brewing. A routine AC service plan can help catch small problems before they turn into larger, more expensive problem. The team at Air Specialty in Mobile can help you understand the sounds your air conditioner is making and fix any problems. We’ve been the go-to HVAC provider for over 50 years, and we can help you with any of your heating and cooling needs. Contact our professional team of NATE-certified technicians to assist with any and all of your HVAC needs. Contact Air Specialty to schedule an appointment today.
Replace or Repair Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Replace or Repair Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Thinking of listing your home or staying put – we’ll help you decide

The heat of summer requires your air conditioning unit to work extra hard to keep you cool while combating the sweltering heat outside This can cause you to experience breakdowns, less than optimal performance and even consider the possibility of replacing your unit. There are many reasons why you may choose to repair or to replace your air conditioning unit, and there’s no question it is a big decision. In some cases, replacement is the right option, and in others, repair might be the best course of action. Your friends at Air Specialty can help you break it all down and direct you to make the best decision for your home.

Use These Five Questions to Decide

  1. How old is your current air conditioning unit? Air conditioning units have a life expectancy of up to 15 years. While there are external factors, this can be used as a general rule of thumb. If you have a major repair and your system is nearly 15, it might be time to replace.
  2. Have you had a routine maintenance check-up service? If you feel like your air conditioning unit is on its last leg, schedule a professional checkup service. NATE-certified HVAC technicians help fix minor issues as well as gauge the current state of your system.
  3. How much will your repair estimate run you? If your repair is more than half as costly as a new air conditioning unit, invest the additional amount to get a new unit. In many cases, the newer unit is more energy efficient and can pay for itself over time.
  4. How long do you plan to be in your current home? If you are planning to sell your house soon, the state of your air conditioning unit could come into play. It can also give you a edge to advertise your home has a brand new air conditioning unit.
  5. What do your monthly energy bills look like? If your energy bills continue to trend up, it is likely because your air conditioning unit is not doing its job. Although minor repairs or maintenance could fix this issue, it indicates you might need an entirely new air conditioning unit.

Trust Air Specialty to Repair or Replace your Air Conditioning Unit

Air Specialty, a leader in HVAC services in Mobile and the surrounding areas, can help you determine if it’s time for a new air conditioning unit or if a repair is the smarter choice. If a new unit is in order, we can also help you choose from the top manufacturers and install the right sized unit for your home. Be sure to ask us about our helpful financing options. Contact Air Specialty to schedule an appointment today.
Combine a Dehumidifier with Your Air Conditioner to Reduce Humidity

Combine a Dehumidifier with Your Air Conditioner to Reduce Humidity

Help Summer in Alabama Dry Out

Alabama is one of the most humid places in the country, especially during the dog days of summer! Alabama’s summer humidity can average in the 80th percentiles (even when it’s NOT raining). It’s easy to see why things get muggy even on the inside of your home. Understand the role of humidity in your indoor comfort and air quality is an important aspect of dealing with the climate in Alabama. Before you spend another Alabama summer feeling sticky inside your home, learn more about dehumidifiers. They can be a best friend to your air conditioner – and your family!

Give Your Air Conditioner A Dehumidifier! Check out the reasons it matters:

  • Your air conditioner will keep you cooler. With a dehumidifier installed, your air conditioner will keep your home feeling cooler. Drier, less humid air is cooler and more comfortable.
  • Your air conditioner will last longer. In a humid home, your air conditioner will have to work harder to keep you and your family comfortable. As your system works double-time to keep you cool in this humid environment, the chances of something going wrong are more likely. Without the help of a dehumidifier, your AC unit may need more maintenance, be more likely to need a repair and may even require replacement sooner.
  • Your energy bills will go down. As your system becomes more efficient, you use less energy. Who doesn’t want to feel more comfortable inside their home AND save some money?
  • Your indoor air quality will be better. Feeling muggy is not good for your mood or your overall wellbeing. Even if your air conditioner is in tiptop condition and working at its max, your indoor air quality suffers when the humidity levels in your home are well over 50 percent.
  • Your health improves. Humidity fosters the growth of mold, mildew and other harmful bacteria. These pollutants impact your family’s health. Excessive humidity is especially problematic for the very young, the very old or those with allergies, asthma or compromised immune systems. Keep your family healthy by lowering the humidity inside your home.

Air Specialty – Air Conditioner Experts

If you are an Alabama resident, heat and the humidity is part of summer. One thing you can do is use a dehumidifier to keep the inside of your home comfortable. Adding a dehumidifier to your air conditioner is an excellent solution to combat the humidity issue all year round! Air Specialty is the go-to HVAC service provider in Mobile and we can help you with dehumidifiers. We’ve been dealing with the Alabama heat and performing air conditioner service for over 25 years! Contact our professional team of NATE-certified technicians to assist with any and all of your HVAC needs. Need a new air conditioner? We offer financing. Contact Air Specialty to schedule an appointment today.
Run Your Central Air Conditioner Less with Ductless Air Conditioning

Run Your Central Air Conditioner Less with Ductless Air Conditioning

Empty nesters and singles listen up!

Has your house outgrown you? Whether your youngest child is now at college or you don’t inhabit certain rooms in your house as much as others, you could be overusing your central air conditioner. You could be a prime candidate for the benefits of ductless air conditioning. Installing a ductless air conditioner can complement your central air conditioner. It prevents the struggle to find the balance between the rooms you don’t need to be cooled and those you do. Don’t sweat it out with a central air conditioner set at high temps; install a ductless unit in your one to three most-used rooms and stay comfortable and efficient this summer. It’s a homeowner myth closing doors and vents to unused rooms helps. Here’s why…

Lower Your Energy Bills with These Tips:

  • Ductless air conditioners are more energy efficient. Your home’s central air conditioner will have a little help from an energy efficient ductless air conditioner, which could actually reduce your monthly energy bills. Ductless systems are highly efficient and may use 25 to 50 percent less energy than other options.
  • Ductless air conditioners can make you more comfortable. If you have a room of your home hard to keep cool in summer and warm in winter try ductless air conditioning. These systems can be the perfect extension to your central air conditioner. It allows you to offer temperature control where ducts can’t reach.
  • Ductless air conditioners require minimum maintenance. Ductless air conditioners offer a basic maintenance option, with great results. Ask your professional HVAC installation team what maintenance your unique system requires.
  • Ductless air conditioners can last a long time. With routine maintenance, your ductless air conditioner can last an estimated 20 years.
  • Ductless air conditioners are easy to install and unobtrusive. There are many configurations available to fit your unique space. Generally, ductless air conditioners are easy to install, don’t take up much room and are less intrusive than a wall unit.
  • Ductless air conditioners can improve your indoor air quality. Central air conditioners force air through ducts (even when routinely cleaned) and will inevitably introduce dust and other contaminants into your air supply. Your ductless system has an advanced filtration system to prevent dust, pet dander and other allergy triggers from entering your home’s air flow.

Reduce Stress on your Central Air Conditioner

Whether you’ve just added an extension on to your home, just shipped your kids off to college or are a single in a big home, ductless air conditioning systems can take the load off of your central air conditioner. It’s the win-win: you stay cool and comfortable, your energy bills stay optimal and your maintenance requirements stay low! Air Specialty specializes in helping homeowners address issues impacting their central air conditioner performance. We help homeowners at all stages of life maintain a healthy HVAC system. We’re here to keep them cool, run efficiently and protect the indoor air quality of their homes. Contact one of Air Specialty’s team of NATE-certified technicians to assist you with ductless air conditioning today.
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