If you’ve noticed your HVAC system making unusual sounds, you may need to call your Lucedale, Mississippi, repair service. Ignoring common HVAC noises can lead to heaps of costly repair work down the line. Before you get stuck with a huge bill, find out what those common HVAC noises mean and what you can do about them.


Though the sound can be a huge nuisance, a rattling noise coming from your HVAC system is not catastrophic. It means you do have a problem, but it’s usually an easy fix. You most likely have some sort of debris caught in the vent. It could be anything from a spare button to a spoon your toddler shoved into the vent. The good news is that all you need to do is turn off your system and retrieve the item. The bad news? If the object is out of reach, you will need to call in a professional to have it extracted.

Screeching or Squealing

This normally indicates that a belt is misaligned or worn out. If you keep running your HVAC system with a worn belt, it could break and cause damage to your unit. Turn it off and call a technician to replace the part soon. One thing to remember is that many newer units don’t use a belt system, so maybe you should start thinking about a full system replacement soon.


This is another common noise homeowners often hear in their HVAC systems. This usually means there is a duct leak somewhere. Not only can that hissing get irritating, but you’re wasting energy! Because air is being lost at the leak point, you are paying more to try to heat or cool your home. A duct repair may be needed where there are joints. Or it’s possible that your current duct system has multiple problems and needs to be replaced.

If you’re starting to hear some strange sounds from your HVAC system, call Air Specialty for prompt, professional service. You can reach us at 251-415-4559. It’s always better to spend a few dollars today than to spend thousands down the road.

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