You should continually monitor your furnace for malfunction issues, given its importance in keeping your interior warm and comfortable when it gets cold outside. Calling a technician once you notice any issues is critical to dealing with minor problems before they worsen and become expensive to repair. Here are four signs of a failing furnace that needs repair services in Semmes, AL.

1. Inadequate Heating

Since the main purpose of the furnace is to keep your interior warm, uneven heating is a sign that your heating system is failing. The issue could be a bad motor or heat exchanger. Have an expert check and repair the system to enjoy sufficient heating and better indoor air quality and comfort in all your rooms.

2. Unfamiliar Noises

It is normal for your furnace to make a low-pitched hum or initial click when operating. However, strange loud noises coming from your system indicate a serious problem. Banging and popping sounds can result from loose parts, whereas whistling noises can be due to clogged filters.

3. High Energy Bills

Your furnace could be failing if you experience high and unexplained energy bills without any changes in usage. A furnace can become inefficient over time, forcing it to work longer periods to achieve the desired interior conditions. Repairing or replacing an inefficient system can lower your utility bills.

4. Frequent Repairs

If you find yourself calling HVAC technicians regularly for your furnace, it can become costly and may be time to upgrade. Experts recommend getting a new furnace if the repair costs of your current system are more than 50% of the price of purchasing a new one.

Your furnace is a significant system that should undergo routine inspections to ensure your comfort during colder weather. We guarantee quick and effective services to meet your needs. Contact our qualified technicians at Air Specialty in Semmes, AL today for professional heating services.

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