You rely on your HVAC system in Daphne, AL, to keep you comfortable all year long. Naturally, you expect your system to operate efficiently, but do you know how to tell when your AC isn’t operating efficiently? Here are five signs your AC is wasting power.

Dirty or Clogged AC Filters

Dirty air filters make it more difficult for your system to function, causing it to become inefficient. In addition, clogged air filters allow contaminants and allergens to circulate in your home, impacting your indoor air quality. Replacing your filter regularly helps to keep your system efficient.

Fluctuating AC Temperatures

You expect your HVAC system to provide consistent temperatures throughout your home. You expect to walk from room to room and experience the same level of comfort. If one or more rooms has a noticeably different temperature than the rest of the house, then there’s an efficiency issue.

Higher Energy Bills

Unless the utility company that you get your power from raised its rates, you should have a fairly consistent utility bill each month. While a slight increase is normal with older AC units, and during especially hot months in the summer, larger increases aren’t. Therefore, you should check your billing history before replacing your AC.

Old HVAC System

While you expect your AC to last a long time, you know it won’t last forever. The estimated lifespan for air conditioners is 10 to 20 years with routine maintenance, but the closer they are to the end of their lifespans, the less efficient they become. When replacing your old AC, look for energy-efficient models with a high seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating.

Thermostat Issues

Sometimes when your HVAC system struggles to maintain a comfortable temperature, the issue is not with the system but with the thermostat. A thermostat’s job is to keep your home at the temperature you choose, but when this device malfunctions, it causes your system to work harder. When your system’s work becomes a problem, it’s time to upgrade to a new thermostat.

Don’t let problems with your AC get you down. Instead, contact Air Specialty today to have our professional technicians help you make the right choice when it comes to a new AC installation.

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