Your heat pump compressor in Daphne, AL plays a role in the heat transfer process for maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. Continue reading to learn about the signs you need to watch for that a compressor is failing.

1. Excessive Vibrations From the Condenser

If your condenser shakes or vibrates when it turns on, your compressor may already be at the end of its lifespan. You should turn off the system and promptly schedule a heat pump repair to prevent additional damage to the system.

2. Cold Air Blowing From the Vents in Heating Mode

When the air from your vents doesn’t match which mode the heat pump is in, a faulty compressor is one possible cause. A failing compressor may not be able to properly circulate refrigerant in your system. Refrigerant plays a key role in a heat pump’s ability to heat and cool your home.

3. Tripped Circuit Breaker

A failing compressor can cause the circuit breaker to trip when your heat pump draws too much power or overheats. If your breaker tends to trip as the heat pump starts, this indicates that your compressor needs attention.

4. Heat Pump Isn’t Turning On

Your heat pump might not turn on at all when it has a broken compressor. Before you call a professional for repairs, check your thermostat settings and air filter to make sure one of them isn’t the issue.

You should change your air filter on schedule because failure to do so can cause your heat pump to not heat or cool properly. If you’re lucky, no damage will have occurred, and changing the filter will fix your problem.

5. Weak Airflow

A dirty air filter could also cause weak airflow. After ruling out the air filter as the problem, you’ll need to contact an HVAC contractor to fix your system.

Weak airflow isn’t a problem to ignore because it means something needs repair or replacement within the system. As time goes on, a broken part can lead to more damaged components and higher energy bills.

A failing heat pump compressor often shows warning signs before it causes a complete failure of your system. Contact our team at Air Specialty to schedule heat pump repair in Daphne, AL, if your system isn’t acting as it should.

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