Air conditioners around Wilmer, AL, tend to develop the most problems on the hottest, most humid days. These are, of course, the times when you depend on your system to keep your household comfortable despite the heat. You can avoid many problems with a spring AC tune-up, including the following.

Inadequate Cooling

Have you ever thought the air coming from your vents just didn’t feel very cool, yet your system’s running? That’s a key indicator that there’s a problem significant enough to warrant an AC repair call.

A service technician can find many of the causes of inadequate cooling during a routine AC tune-up. This may include a refrigerant leak, a faulty compressor or expansion valve or a dirty evaporator or condensing coil.

Long Run Cycles

While your system may run a little longer on the hottest days, it shouldn’t run constantly. If it seems that your system has long run cycles, it’s telling you there’s a problem with its efficiency. This not only drives up your operating costs but inevitably your repair costs as well.

A technician checks for common efficiency problems during an AC tune-up. These include airflow restrictions and low refrigerant levels.

Lack of Airflow

Airflow is the foundation of your air conditioner’s cooling ability. A lack of air flowing from your vents should signal a need to investigate a problem.

During spring maintenance, technicians look for airflow restrictions. They check the air filter and evaporator coil as well as the circulating fan wheel.

Electrical Failures

Your air conditioner has several electrical components it needs to start and run. Two common components prone to failure are the condensing capacitor and contactor.

During routine maintenance, a technician will test both of these components. If either part shows that it isn’t passing current properly, you can replace it before it causes a problem.

Keep your air conditioner running well when the heat and humidity reach their peak. Call Air Specialty today to schedule your spring AC maintenance with one of our experts.

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