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With Mobile, Alabama’s summer heat and humidity around the corner, our creature comforts depend greatly on our AC units. One of the simplest things you can do to help your AC unit work properly is keep the air filters clean. It’s imperative that your home cooling system has the right size and type of filter to beat the summer heat.

When to Change the Air Filter

Typical Mobile home cooling systems need the filters changed once a month through the warmer months. If the AC and heater use the same intake, then it’s a safe bet to change the filter every month, year round.

How to Choose a Filter

If you were to go to the air filter aisle at any store, you’d probably be overwhelmed by the options. Choosing one is much simpler when you keep a few things in mind. Measure your current filter’s length, width, and depth. Most filters have measurements on the side, but they are sometimes undercut by a bit which makes a secure fit a challenge.

What kind of air quality does your home have? Smoking, pets, poor ventilation, nearby construction, or indoor remodeling can lower air quality. Lower quality air requires a better quality filter to cut the amount of irritants in your home.

Now you have to decide what type of filter you need based on the breathing needs of your family. Do you have children with allergies or asthma? If so, you’ll need a HEPA filter that helps eliminate allergens and bacteria. Does your house smell? A carbon filter could help reduce odors.

How to Replace a Filter

Turn off your system. Open the cover and remove the dirty filter. Check packaging to ensure proper placement of the clean filter. There shouldn’t be any gaps, and the filter shouldn’t move when the system is on.

Call our friendly staff at Air Specialty at (251) 415-4559 if your system doesn’t turn back on, your filter becomes excessively dirty before routine changes, or you hear or see anything out of the ordinary.

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