Help Summer in Alabama Dry Out

Alabama is one of the most humid places in the country, especially during the dog days of summer! Alabama’s summer humidity can average in the 80th percentiles (even when it’s NOT raining). It’s easy to see why things get muggy even on the inside of your home. Understand the role of humidity in your indoor comfort and air quality is an important aspect of dealing with the climate in Alabama. Before you spend another Alabama summer feeling sticky inside your home, learn more about dehumidifiers. They can be a best friend to your air conditioner – and your family!

Give Your Air Conditioner A Dehumidifier! Check out the reasons it matters:

  • Your air conditioner will keep you cooler. With a dehumidifier installed, your air conditioner will keep your home feeling cooler. Drier, less humid air is cooler and more comfortable.
  • Your air conditioner will last longer. In a humid home, your air conditioner will have to work harder to keep you and your family comfortable. As your system works double-time to keep you cool in this humid environment, the chances of something going wrong are more likely. Without the help of a dehumidifier, your AC unit may need more maintenance, be more likely to need a repair and may even require replacement sooner.
  • Your energy bills will go down. As your system becomes more efficient, you use less energy. Who doesn’t want to feel more comfortable inside their home AND save some money?
  • Your indoor air quality will be better. Feeling muggy is not good for your mood or your overall wellbeing. Even if your air conditioner is in tiptop condition and working at its max, your indoor air quality suffers when the humidity levels in your home are well over 50 percent.
  • Your health improves. Humidity fosters the growth of mold, mildew and other harmful bacteria. These pollutants impact your family’s health. Excessive humidity is especially problematic for the very young, the very old or those with allergies, asthma or compromised immune systems. Keep your family healthy by lowering the humidity inside your home.

Air Specialty – Air Conditioner Experts

If you are an Alabama resident, heat and the humidity is part of summer. One thing you can do is use a dehumidifier to keep the inside of your home comfortable. Adding a dehumidifier to your air conditioner is an excellent solution to combat the humidity issue all year round! Air Specialty is the go-to HVAC service provider in Mobile and we can help you with dehumidifiers. We’ve been dealing with the Alabama heat and performing air conditioner service for over 25 years! Contact our professional team of NATE-certified technicians to assist with any and all of your HVAC needs. Need a new air conditioner? We offer financing. Contact Air Specialty to schedule an appointment today.

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