Where would you be without your air conditioner? It is a magical, magnificent machine. It keeps you cool and comfortable with little effort other than a press of a button. It’s true – air conditioners are amazing pieces of equipment. We can’t, or at least don’t want to, live without. It’s important to understand your air conditioner so it gets the attention it deserves when it needs it! Use this guide to know the difference between the typical sounds an air conditioner makes and the noises indicating professional help is needed ASAP.

What’s Normal Versus Call An Air Conditioner Repairman Now!

Bang-Bang. If you are hearing a loud banging sound, it suggests a part is loose or broken within your AC unit. It could possibly be a connecting rod, a piston pin or a crankshaft or could also be a sign your compressor needs to be replaced. In any of these cases, your HVAC service provider should be called in to help as soon as possible to mitigate unless further and more costly damage to your system. Clank-Clank. A loud clanking sound could also be an indication of an off-balance part. It could mean the indoor blower or outdoor fan needs replacement or the compressor has come loose. While the repair could be minor to fix, if left unattended it could destroy your HVAC system. Be sure to contact your air conditioner repair professional at the first sign of clanking! Click-Click-Click. If you notice a clicking sound coming from your air conditioner when it starts up or at shut down, you may have a serious issue with your air conditioner electrical system. While some clicking is normal, longer clicking than average can be an indication of a larger, more dangerous problem. Be sure to contact your HVAC technician if you are concerned there could be an electrical issue Buzzing. Unless you have a beehive nearby, buzzing from the outside of your air conditioner could indicate a wide variety of problems, ranging from loose parts to debris in or on your unit to a loose outdoor fan motor is loose. Buzzing sounds could also indicate maintenance is required such as dirty condenser coils.

Call in the Air Conditioner Repair Pros – Air Specialty

These four common noises you might hear your air conditioner making could be minor, or they could be a sign of a larger or even dangerous problem. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the “normal” sounds your AC makes, so you know when there is a potential problem brewing. A routine AC service plan can help catch small problems before they turn into larger, more expensive problem. The team at Air Specialty in Mobile can help you understand the sounds your air conditioner is making and fix any problems. We’ve been the go-to HVAC provider for over 50 years, and we can help you with any of your heating and cooling needs. Contact our professional team of NATE-certified technicians to assist with any and all of your HVAC needs. Contact Air Specialty to schedule an appointment today.

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