Like any machine, a heat pump will reach the end of its service life at some point. When the time comes, the system will show some indicators that you need to replace it. Below, we will discuss some signs it’s time for a new heat pump in Semmes, AL.

Your Heat Pump’s Age

Age takes a toll on multiple machines, and a heat pump is no different. As a heating system ages, its parts wear out. As a result, the efficiency of these components continue dropping.

Consider replacing your heat pump if it’s older than 15 years. This is what ENERGY STAR recommends.

The Frequency of Repairs

A system that breaks down often denies your family the desired comfort regularly. In addition, it affects your finances, as you have to buy new components and pay for repair services often. Consider buying a new system to avoid the costs and frustrations associated with a heating system that breaks down often.

Your Heat Pump’s Size

The size of your heat pump affects how well it regulates indoor temperatures. There is a misconception that suggests that an oversized heating system will heat or cool your home faster, while an undersized heating system will consume less energy, thus saving your energy bills.

Unfortunately, an oversized heat pump can short cycle, thus failing to distribute temperatures evenly in your home. On the other hand, an undersized heating system runs constantly, thus consuming more energy than necessary.

Short cycling and running constantly make your heating system break down often. If you have the wrong-sized heat pump, replace it with the right-sized system to enjoy uniform temperatures in your home and more energy savings.

Before you replace your system, allow our professional technicians to inspect it; they will help you make an informed decision. You can always contact Air Specialty whenever you need quality heating services. Our team will respond promptly to eliminate all the HVAC issues interrupting your comfort.

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