Dirty sock syndrome is the phrase used for the unpleasant odor that might come out of an HVAC system, usually after a period of disuse. Let’s take a look at this nuisance and how you can use a protective coating to stop your AC in Theodore, AL, from giving off the stink of dirty socks.

What Causes Dirty Sock Syndrome?

Dirty sock syndrome occurs when unwanted particles build up on the unit’s evaporator coil. The evaporator coil manages chilled refrigerant. Blower fans move air over the coil, and the refrigerant removes heat so that only cool air comes out.

Now imagine what happens if something compromises the evaporator coil. If you do not clean the coil, dust, moisture and dirt can sit and bacteria can multiply. This debris latches onto air passing through the evaporator coil and gets into your air.

This buildup occurs during periods when air conditioning isn’t in use. Particulates accumulate on the evaporator coil. If your home has a heat pump, the possibility of dirty sock syndrome increases.

Will This Dirty Sock Syndrome Go Away?

The smell may go away, but you still have a problem. Buildup doesn’t go away. It will continue to grow and, at some point, the odor will resurface, as the buildup degrades the air conditioning function.

How Can You Fix Dirty Sock Syndrome?

Allowing bacteria to circulate in your air conditioning system is a threat to your indoor air quality. Even without the odor, you’re still inhaling dangerous particles. This is especially hazardous to occupants with preexisting medical conditions like asthma.

One solution for dirty sock syndrome is a Bronz-Glow application. Bronz-Glow provides a rubber poly-elastomer coating. Rubber won’t absorb moisture, and this prevents bacteria from growing.

Are you smelling dirty socks while your AC or heat pump is running? Call us at Air Specialty, your leading Theodore, AL, HVAC repair service, and get the maintenance or protective coating you need.

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