Why are ducted HVAC systems so popular in Mobile, Alabama and the rest of the country? They provide the whole-home cooling you want in summer and the warmth you need all winter long. Ductwork plays a major rule in forced-air heating and cooling. Whether you’re upgrading existing equipment or setting up a new system, it’s essential to get the ductwork right. Improper installation can reduce efficiency by up to 30 percent, raising your energy bills and compromising your comfort. Learn how sheet metal fabrication from Air Specialty helps you get the most from your central air system.

Custom-Built for Your Comfort

When it comes to indoor comfort, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Unlike other contractors, we can design your ductwork and build it according to your specific needs. Here are some of the ways our ductwork fabrication enhances your comfort and lowers your energy expenses:

  • Using off-the-shelf ducts typically results in energy-wasting configurations. Our fabrications take the most direct route to your living spaces for robust airflow in every room of your home.
  • By controlling the duct’s size and form, we’re able to provide ductwork for virtually every application. When space is limited, our sheet metal fabrication offers a savvy solution.
  • Ductwork operates under intense pressure and extreme temperatures, putting stress on ductwork connections. To prevent air from escaping through leaks, we seal every joint securely.
  • Our custom-built ducts and plenums keep the air pressure between the supply and return channels balanced. The result is improved energy efficiency and better performance.

Your Start-to-Finish Specialists

Every home or business in the Greater Mobile area has unique heating and cooling requirements. To enjoy a well-functioning HVAC system, you need a contractor who can handle every aspect of the installation. Our sheet metal fabrication expertise allows us to optimize your new system from the start. Our long record of quality service means we’ll be there for you for the life of your system.

From replacement systems to design/build installations for new construction, we’re proud to offer custom comfort solutions. For more information, explore our sheet metal fabrication section or call 251-415-4559 today!

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