Sheet metal is a strong and durable material. Air Specialty is one of only a handful of Mobile, AL, HVAC contractors with an on-site sheet metal fabrication shop. Our talented sheet metal specialists design precision ductwork and plenums for commercial and residential HVAC systems.

Sheet Metal Ductwork Versus Traditional Ductwork: What’s the Difference?

Sheet metal ducts can be customized to fit into impossibly tight and cramped spaces. They can snake around sharp corners and travel effortlessly between pipes. On the other hand, traditional ductwork requires the installation of a complex arrangement of pipes to accommodate tho same kind of challenges.

How Traditional Ductwork Can Overtax Your HVAC System

Leaky ducts put a heavy burden on HVAC equipment. According to the University of Florida, traditional ductwork can lose up to 40% of the heated and cooled air your HVAC generates. Because almost half of all treated air literally goes out the window, your HVAC has to work double-time to make up the difference.

An HVAC system that’s losing only 20% of treated air must work 50% harder to cover the losses. The ongoing strain can cut equipment service life by half. The constant energy drain on your system will jack up heating and cooling costs by a wide margin.

Custom ductwork made of fabricated sheet metal prevents treated air from leaking out, so your system can perform optimally without undue stress. Energy bills can drop significantly, and your system won’t be worn to a frazzle at an early age.

Do Fabricated Ductwork Installations Take Longer?

When you opt for fabricated sheet metal ducts, the installation is faster and easier than with traditional ducts. That’s because the fittings and pipings are fashioned exactly according to specifications to achieve a glove-like fit that’s leak-resistant.

Our sheet metal fabrication shop performs all work in-house. Visit us online to learn more.

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