Air Specialty Indoor Air Quality SpecialistsThe ideal comfort zone for indoor humidity is 35 to 50 percent. As cold air holds less moisture than warm air, winter air can be 15% dryer than spring and summer air. How does this impact your health? In most homes without humidifiers, indoor relatively humidity is well below the 35 to 50 percent zone, resulting in mild to severe health related concerns.

Better Health

Maintaining the right humidity level is a great preventive measure against getting a cold or the flu because bacteria and viruses thrive at both very high and very low humidity, but they don’t do so well in the mid zone. Moist air is also needed to prevent uncomfortable conditions such as itchy skin and dry nasal passages so common during the winter.

Protected Belongings

As humidity drops, the air saps moisture out of everything in the room. This can cause the wallpaper to peel, hardwood floors to crack and shrink, and expensive musical instruments to become damaged. Static electricity also builds up more, giving you power in your fingertips that could zap sensitive electronics when you touch the power button. By preventing these scenarios, one of the most profound benefits of a humidifier is that it helps protect your sensitive belongings.

Lower Energy Bills

You already know that low humidity causes evaporation to speed up. In addition to drying out wood products, this also more readily evaporates moisture from your skin. The result is a cooling effect, the last thing you want in winter. When the air is more saturated, it wicks less moisture from your skin, helping you feel warmer even if you set the thermostat down a degree or two.

If you’re ready to enjoy these benefits of a humidifier, please contact Air Speciality to schedule a whole-house indoor air quality inspection. Unlike a portable unit, a whole-house humidifier keeps the entire home at a comfortable humidity level so you can enjoy the benefits in every room.


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