These days, people are more concerned than ever about the air they breathe in Wilmer, AL. Poor-quality indoor air can make you sick, and the summer heat can cause you to spend more time indoors, making the problem worse. Here are three reasons that air quality is important and ways you can improve it.

Particles Can Cause Breathing Problems

Pollen, dust, pet dander, viruses and spores are just some of the tiny particles flying around your home’s air. All of these can cause allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems to flare up.

Fortunately, your HVAC system can rid your air of these allergens. A whole-house indoor air cleaner like the Solaris Photocatalytic Air Purifier combines powerful lights and filters to kill viruses and bacteria and capture dust, pollen and other particles. Best of all, it is installed into your existing ductwork, cleaning your entire house while remaining out of sight.

Pollutants Can Build up Over Time

Studies from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission have shown that the air inside your house can be more polluted than the outdoor air in some of the most industrial places in the country. Over time, pollutants can build up in your home if fresh air does not flush them out. Modern, highly insulated homes are even more vulnerable to this problem because less fresh air gets into them through drafts.

While you could just open a window, sometimes the weather doesn’t allow that. A fresh air ventilator can bring cleaner outdoor air into your house without sacrificing your comfort on the hottest or coldest days.

Humid Air Can Make Problems Worse

Damp air can cause spores and bacteria to flourish, causing foul smells and sore throats. While your air conditioner takes some excess moisture out of the air, your home might need more help. A dehumidifier can take additional moisture out of the air, keeping your entire home healthy.

For an evaluation of your home’s air, call us at Air Specialty for a tailor-made solution to your home’s air quality problems. We can help you achieve clean and healthy air.

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