Now that summer is almost here in Satsuma, AL, your AC use is bound to increase as the weather gets warmer. So, it’s important to know whether anything is wrong with your system so that if you need to replace your system, you can do so before temperatures begin climbing. Here are a few signs that it’s probably time to replace your home’s AC system.

Increased Energy Bills

Your AC should be able to maintain a consistent level of efficiency, and if your energy bills happen to rise, it should be because you’ve been making greater use of the system. If you see a sudden spike in your utility bills despite not using your system much more than usual, your AC’s efficiency is declining. This is one of the most important signals of a potential system breakdown.

It may still be possible to make this problem go away with repairs. However, if you notice other issues emerging in tandem with this one, it’s likely that repairs will only provide a temporary solution.

Frequent Repairs

It’s normal to schedule regular maintenance and occasional repairs to address problems with your AC. This kind of work should keep your system in good shape for a reasonably long time.

If, on the other hand, you find your system breaking down every few weeks or months, and the repair bills are getting higher, then repairs are probably no longer worth paying for. At that stage, the wisest and most economical course of action is to install a new AC.

Old Age

Even if nothing appears to be noticeably wrong with your system, always keep its age in mind. Every AC has a shelf life beyond which its functionality will irreversibly decline. On average, a central AC system can provide you with 15 years of reliable service before you’ll need to replace it with a new one.

With these tips, you’ll be in a better position to know when to get a new AC. When it’s time, call Air Specialty and request our AC installation services in Satsuma, AL.

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