Summer is finally here, and it’s time to celebrate the season. Let’s face it, we celebrate because the sun is shining, the pool looks inviting and summer brings a lot of holidays warranting get-togethers. We’ll soon be gathering with friends and family to celebrate holidays such as Juneteenth, Fathers’ Day and July 4th. While we are spending a lot of time outside, it is essential the inside of our home is a refuge for those who need to get out of the heat. The question is: will your air conditioner be successful in keeping your guests cool and comfortable during the summer festivities? 4 Ways An Air Conditioner Service Can Save Summer:

  1. It defies Murphy’s Law. You know all about Murphy’s Law. When it comes to your summer party schedule, Murphy’s Law can translate into a hot house with a broken down AC on the exact Saturday you have 40 people en route to your humble abode. Murphy’s Law is not unavoidable, it can be beaten. An air conditioner service is a proactive step toward avoiding an AC outage determined to ruin your party. Your HVAC service technician is experienced in seeing potential problems (and fixing them) before they leave you in a hot, sticky mess.
  2. You’ll have more money for festive food and drinks. When your air conditioning system is working at optimal levels, you’re more energy-efficient. When you’re more energy-efficient, you save money on your energy bills! As the temperatures climb to their highest points during mid to late summer, you may actually see lower bills than last year due to your air conditioner service. You may save so much you choose to spring for the fancier food at this year’s summer party.
  3. Your older family members will appreciate your conscientiousness. Be sure to let your mom, dad, grandparents or any older family member know you are being proactive with your HVAC system. They’ll swoon over how they raised you right, and you’ll get all the brownie points for making good decisions in life. Plus, if anyone in your family has respiratory issues like allergies, asthma or COPD, a climate-controlled environment is more inviting and comfortable for them.
  4. Your air conditioner will stay around longer. Maintaining your system with regularly scheduled air conditioner service each year can extend the life of your entire HVAC unit. A properly maintained, lubricated and free from potential issues HVAC system is sure to last longer than one without care.

Air-Specialty has more than 25 years of HVAC know-how to put to work for you and your home today. As summer knocks on our door, it’s the best time to schedule an air conditioner service. Ensure your friends and family are comfortable when they come to visit with an affordable service call from an Air-Specialty pro. Contact Air-Specialty for an air conditioner service today.

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