It’s approaching autumn, everyone’s gearing up for the holidays and maybe giving the air conditioning a break here and there. For those of us in the south who significantly run up our AC units during summer months, it’s important to book periodic tune-ups for your air conditioning system. This is crucial to a properly functional home air conditioning system. Sometimes it’s best not to wait until something’s broken in order to fix it!

Why Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance Is Smart

Here’s a breakdown of why AC unit tune-ups before winter save you hassles come springtime when it’s time to crank it up again:

Bad air conditioning coils and leakage

During a standard AC tune-up, a certified technician inspects the most frequent problem areas in your air conditioning unit. This includes the coils, which can accrue debris, and ensure there are no leaks. Other tasks include testing AC system efficiency to ensure it’s functioning at top capacity. Issues with these examples can quickly escalate, so it’s better to catch them early.

Regular maintenance is key for reliable air conditioning

A well-maintained air conditioning system is going to far outlast a rarely-serviced one. If you take proper care of your AC unit, it’ll hold up significantly longer than one not regularly serviced. Tune-ups should be performed at least once a year for cooling as well as heating units. We recommend getting your HVAC system checked once every six months.

Preventative care

As is so often advised these days, prevention is key. If you wait until there’s a severe malfunction in your air conditioner to call for major repairs, you’ll pay way more in the long run. Your cost is financial and in a compromise of the comfort of your home. We’re all guilty of a skipped dentist appointment or delayed oil change. The consequence usually involves regret. Take care now and enjoy more peace of mind.

Save money on expensive air conditioning parts

If you live in the Greater Mobile area in Alabama, join the Comfort Club plan and discover some parts in your AC need replacement, you’re in luck. The air conditioning experts at Air Specialty offer a 10 percent discount on all parts needed in repairs as part of their preventative maintenance plan.

Take advantage of air conditioning maintenance plans

There are even more benefits with Air Specialty’s Comfort Club Member plan. Not only are there two performance tune-ups included with the annual price, you’re also entitled to other perks. These include 24-hour emergency and priority services provided for your home’s AC unit.

Air Specialty is Your Air Conditioning Expert in Mobile

For tune-ups on your AC or any other HVAC needs, the professional and knowledgeable team at Air Specialty is always available for you. Air Specialty has been Greater Mobile area’s air conditioner experts since 1992. With 25 years of success and experience, there’s no question who to go to for top-quality AC services. Schedule your appointment with Air Specialty today!

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