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On June 21st, we mark the summer solstice when the Earth’s rotational axis is most inclined toward the Sun. On the summer solstice, the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky as seen from the North or South Pole. This happens two times each year – once in the Northern Hemisphere and once in the Southern Hemisphere. The summer solstice is commonly known as the longest period of daylight experienced by the respective hemisphere during the year. While summer solstice might provide the longest period of sunlight, the truly longest day of the year is the summer day when your AC breaks down leaving you sweating it out waiting for your air conditioner repair. Use these strategies to avoid the need for an air conditioner repair this summer:

  • Invest in a programmable thermostat. When the temps go up, our energy bills typically follow making the summer months some of our most budget-busting. Our air conditioners often struggle to keep up with the 90 plus degree days summer In Saraland brings us, and there is one easy action a homeowner can take to alleviate some of the energy bill shock. A programmable thermostat with Wi-Fi connectivity can help you control the temps inside your home even while you are on your summer vacation, during your workday or already in bed for the night.
  • Get proactive with DIY. While some things are better left to the true HVAC professionals, a handy homeowner should be taking some proactive steps to prevent an air conditioner repair and keep the HVAC system working at its best this summer. Be sure to routinely change your air conditioner’s air filter and keep your outdoor unit clear of debris to ensure its optimal performance during the hottest part of the year.
  • Schedule routine maintenance. Routine maintenance is essential to preventing air conditioner repairs this summer. Your air conditioner will likely have a recommended preventive maintenance schedule you should follow to keep your unit working at its best as well as to keep warranties intact. This routine maintenance will also ensure your unit is working at its most energy-efficient levels to keep those monthly energy bills at their lowest rates. For the easiest solution, contact a trusted heating and air company like Air-Specialty to join a Maintenance Plan.

The average air conditioner lasts approximately 10-15 years. It’s inevitable over time your AC will lose efficiency, and an air conditioner repair may be needed. There are, however, a few proactive actions homeowners can take to avoid an unexpected breakdown, including a yearly service and preventive maintenance. These proactive activities can also help extend your air conditioner’s life. If you find your air conditioner or heat pump is constantly struggling or needing repairs, consider a new system. Modern cooling units are incredibly more efficient than their predecessors, even those only a decade old. Air-Specialty can help you evaluate your options and install a new unit quickly. If expenses are a concern, Air-Specialty offers financing options to spread out the payments while you and your family enjoy energy savings, greater comfort and healthier indoor air immediately. With nearly three decades of expertise, Air Specialty specializes in helping homeowners in Lucedale, Mississippi and Greater Mobile, Alabama, get the most out of their HVAC systems. Our preventive maintenance services and seasonal air conditioner service calls can help save you money and lengthen the life of your system, and best of all, avoid the inconvenient air conditioner repair in the heat of the summer! Our team of technicians are NATE-certified and dedicated to professionalism and customer service. Contact Air Specialty for an air conditioner service today.

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