Summer is hot, and you might prefer to stay indoors with the AC cranking, just don’t forget to venture out into the heat once in a while to check your AC compressor. AC compressor units need love too and following a few best practices can help your entire HVAC unit last longer, run better, keep you more comfortable as well as save you money on your energy bills. Use these easy tips to keep your AC compressor running strong all year long.

Five Steps to an AC Compressor Checkup

  1. Turn it off first. Turning the power off and shutting off the power source, allows your system to reset as well as protects you while you are doing your routine AC compressor cleaning. This is a step you should never skip.
  2. Remove debris. Start by removing any debris collecting on your air conditioning unit. Be sure to look inside, outside and around your unit for debris to clear away.
  3. Clean inside and out. Remove the outer covers of the AC compressor and give it a good clean! The brush extension of your shop vac or a powerful handheld vacuum can get the job done. The key is to remove all the outside dirt and do the same for the inside. Finally, using a gentle stream from your garden hose, spray the AC compressor fins for a deeper clean. Note: pressure washers are too powerful and can damage to the working parts of the AC as well as the fins.
  4. Check to ensure it’s level. With rain and erosion, the area where your AC compressor sits can become less level. While you’re cleaning up, ensure your system is still level (and if not, make a change).
  5. Clean the coil and drain. Following the instructions of your AC compressor manufacturer or your HVAC contractor’s advice, clean the evaporator coil and drain. Using a store-bought cleaner or a gentle bleach mixture and a soft brush, remove mold and algae buildup due to moisture from condensation.

Contact Air Specialty for AC Compressor Expertise

By using these five easy DIY tips, you can truly extend the life and improve the performance of your AC compressor. For more tips and to schedule your annual professional maintenance, be sure to reach out to the pros at Air Specialty. We specialize in helping homeowners with all aspects of their HVAC needs. Our team of NATE-certified technicians is ready to assist you with HVAC maintenance, emergency repair or new unit installations. You can count on us for the know-how to help you keep your home cool all summer. Contact Air Specialty for a consultation for any of your HVAC service needs today.

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