We live in a world that grows more convenient by the hour. It seems as if there is more demand on our time these days, so these conveniences help to make our lives easier. Smart thermostats have become the next step in providing greater, more convenient comfort in your home. Here’s how smart thermostats can turn homeowners in Mobile, Alabama, into comfort queens and kings.

What Is a Smart Thermostat?

What makes a smart thermostat different from the thermostat you already have? Smart thermostats basically take a programmable thermostat and tack on Wi-Fi connectivity and the features that become possible with an internet connection. With that, you can connect your smartphone to the thermostat, giving you remote control over the temperature in your home. Wi-Fi connectivity also allows you to view reports on the amount of energy your HVAC system uses.

The Next Step in Efficiency

Why is it worth it to install a smart thermostat? In addition to the convenience of remotely controlling your temperature, smart thermostats allow you to personalize your HVAC system’s energy usage.

With most smart thermostats, you can divide your home into separate areas (or zones) that are all kept at different temperatures. By doing so, you can stop wasting cool air in rooms that are never used. You can also review the energy usage reports to find areas in your home where energy is being lost and take action to remedy the problem. Zoning, along with these energy usage reports, will help you have a more efficient home that saves you money and keeps you comfortable.

Helping You Make the Smart Move

Smart thermostats are a welcomed addition to the family of smart technology. These thermostats will keep you comfortable now and help you to operate your HVAC system efficiently so that it keeps you comfortable for years to come. For more information about smart thermostats or to have one installed, give Air Specialty a call today at (251) 415-4559. We stock smart thermostats to meet your needs and budget.

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