The heat exchanger is the device in your furnace that transfers the thermal energy created by the furnace to the air distributed throughout the home. It’s an important device in the functionality of any Creola, AL, home’s HVAC system. If the heat exchanger becomes cracked, problems start to develop, so keep an eye out for these signs there is a crack.

The Furnace Is Producing More Soot

An increase in the presence of soot indicates an increased presence of carbon in the HVAC system. Generally, this happens when the heating system doesn’t burn all the gas present in the system. A cracked heat exchanger could cause this due to the lower temperatures in the system.

You Can Smell It

Any time there is an odd odor coming from a furnace, it means something is wrong. With a cracked heat exchanger, the smell of formaldehyde could start to appear. If you are experiencing this, call a technician immediately because these fumes could be toxic to you.

Water Is Starting to Pool Around the Furnace

The heat exchanger is a likely culprit when you find water starting to pool on the floor around your furnace. This is especially true if you haven’t experienced any condensation issues in the past with your HVAC system. The reduced heat caused by the crack keeps the furnace from burning off all the water effectively.

Your Furnace Has a Yellow Flame

If you see a yellow flame when performing a regular check of your furnace, the heat exchanger is likely the cause. A furnace with a healthy heat exchanger produces a consistent blue flame. The flame turns yellow because of the dirt and debris that get into the flame through the crack in the exchanger.

Call Us Today

If you are experiencing any of these issues mentioned in your furnace, call us at Air Specialty today for immediate furnace repair. We will send a licensed technician to take a look at it and plan the best course of action to repair it.

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