With temperatures in Prichard, AL often climbing into the 90s and sometimes higher, you need to rely on your AC more and more. Your energy bills will reflect how long your AC has to work to keep your home comfortable. Find out how an ERV can bring down those bills and help you save on cooling costs.

What Is an ERV?

ERV stands for Energy Recovery Ventilator. It is essentially a recovery system that helps you get more out of your AC. Installing one of these units can reduce the load of your AC.

How Does It Work?

An ERV comes with one fan that pulls fresh air from the outside and sends it around your home. It has a second fan that pushes the stale and old air around your home outside. It also is able to extract the thermal energy to precondition the incoming air as it expels the old air out of your home.

What Are the Benefits?

One big benefit is that it can improve your indoor air quality to help you breathe comfortably, even if you have asthma or a similar condition. You’ll also find that it improves the efficiency of your AC to help it run better and use less energy to keep your Prichard, AL home cool. Not only is an ERV system easy to maintain, but it can reduce some of the odors that occur in homes.

Some of the other benefits of installing an ERV include:

  • You can better control your home’s ventilation.
  • The system improves the overall comfort of your home.
  • You can install one with a new AC or an existing system.

Choose ERV to Save on AC Costs

Air Specialty can help you choose the right ERV to work with your current AC or if it’s time for a new installation. You’ll also work with professionals who want you to feel comfortable and who have experience working on all types of HVAC systems in the Prichard, AL area. Call today to schedule a time for ERV or AC installation to beat the heat and bring down your cooling costs.

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