Cooler weather has come to Mobile, Alabama, and you’re looking forward to cuddling up in a cozy living room with a cup of hot cocoa. The last thing you need is for your comfort to be disturbed by the stress of high utility bills. Fortunately, efficiently using your thermostat can help you reduce that stress. An energy-efficient setting will reduce strain on your HVAC system and cut energy costs without sacrificing comfort. Here’s how.

Why Does Thermostat Setting Matter?

If your HVAC system is the heart of your home’s air comfort system, your thermostat is the brain. While many factors go into determining your energy efficiency, your thermostat setting is one of the most important. Depending on your setting, your heating and cooling system may strain to meet your demands. That strain will draw additional energy, which can increase your utility costs and reduce your system’s lifespan. The further your thermostat setting is from the temperature outside, the more strain your system will experience, and the more its energy efficiency will drop.

The Most Energy-Efficient Setting

While we tend to have relatively mild winters here in Mobile, we still have chilly days, and we understand the desire to keep your home constantly cozy. However, that coziness comes with a price: higher utility bills and potentially higher repair costs as strain damages your HVAC system. Fortunately, you can find a happy medium with an energy-efficient setting that will help you save on monthly costs without being chilly in your own home.

In the fall and winter, the most efficient thermostat setting is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, your system won’t have too much difficulty maintaining comfort. If you want to kick up your energy efficiency even further, you can use a smart thermostat to lower the temperature more while you’re asleep or away at work.

Take control of your energy efficiency by using your thermostat efficiently. To further improve your energy efficiency with a smart thermostat, call Air Specialty at 251-415-4559.

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