Labor Day has come and gone, which means it’s time for a seasonal shift for heat pumps. It’s safe to say southerners are fairly relieved by the incoming cooler temperatures with the change of seasons. This time of year, with holiday preparations, homeowners must also ensure heat pumps are ready for fall and winter weather! Most folks who live down south are primarily concerned with their AC units because the vast majority of the weather is the sweltering hot variety. Just don’t make the mistake of overlooking maintenance when it comes time to heat your home during winter months. The last thing anyone needs are broken heat pumps when they’re needed to combat the cold. After all, winter definitely still exists in Alabama! To assist you, Air Specialty offers key tips and pointers to get heat pumps and furnaces in top shape to keep your home nice and toasty warm this season. Read more below.

Key Tips for Heat Pumps and Furnaces

Change the filters

This is one of the most important and yet, overlooked steps a homeowner can take to improve HVAC function and efficiency. Whether it be AC or heat related, dirty filters restrict the airflow in the ductwork, therefore overworking the system. This runs up your utility bills as well as places unnecessary stress on the heat pump.

Leave the pre-programmed settings alone

Many people assume fiddling with the thermostat’s programmed automatic settings they can heat or cool their house faster. Actually, all you’re doing is overriding the preset temperatures. This forces the backup fans to run and use expensive sources of heating or cooling. Set to “auto” and not on “fan”!

Check the thermostat’s accuracy

For the more hands-on homeowner, there’s a simple method to measure the accuracy of your thermostat’s temperature gauge. First, tape an outdoor bulb thermometer on the wall next to your home’s indoor thermostat. Second, set the furnace to a certain temperature. Finally, once it’s had a chance to run, double check the two match.

Don’t DIY everything

As much as you may like to believe in your own handyman capabilities, there’s no replacement for a heat pump tune-up performed by a NATE-certified technician. With Air Specialty’s Comfort Club Member maintenance plan, two performance tune-ups on your HVAC unit per year are included. Use one for heat pumps or furnaces to prep for the upcoming winter. Use the other tune-up for heat pumps or air conditioners in the spring prior to hot weather.

Air Specialty – Experts in Heat Pumps

Have you done everything you can to ensure the functionality of your home’s heat pump this year? Don’t worry – for all the tasks you can’t perform yourself, Air Specialty’s expert, industry-trained HVAC technicians have your back 100 percent, 24/7! If you’ve inherited an older system with a house purchase, your heat pump or furnace breaks down frequently or you’ve noticed a utility bill spike, call us. Our team performs thorough inspections at every visit. If you feel it may be time to upgrade to a modern, more efficient model, we’re your heat pumps expert. If expenses are a concern, please ask about our finance options. Often, more efficient heat pumps cost less to operate, which negates the purchase price. Please let us know how we can help. Contact us today to set up your appointment before the cold creeps in and catches you unprepared.

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