The most common reason for HVAC repairs in Mobile, Alabama, is a lack of maintenance. Part of maintenance is replacing air filters every one to three months. If you can’t see the filter through the accumulated dirt and dust, it’s time to replace it. Here’s why keeping air filters clean is essential for HVAC health:

Helps to Prevent Poor Indoor Air Quality

Air filters are your HVAC’s first line of defense against airborne particles that could impair your heating and cooling system. Clean air filters also help to keep your indoor air fresh and healthy.

Reduces the Possibility of Premature HVAC Replacement

The extra energy required to push air through a clogged filter overworks your system. All that wear and tear can shorten equipment lifespan. Over time, the motor could become damaged and fail. The system’s temperature sensors could stop working properly and lose their ability to maintain the desired indoor temperature. The system might not know whether to turn on or power off.

Decreases the Incidence of HVAC Repairs

A dirty filter may not cause permanent failure of your system, but it can still cost you money for repairs. A burned-out blower motor and dirty ductwork may still require expensive HVAC repairs to resume proper operation.

Increases Efficient Equipment Operation

With a clogged filter, your HVAC is forced to work harder to pump treated air throughout your home. The extra work can cause energy bills to skyrocket because it has to work harder and longer to condition the air in the house. You can actually save on your energy bills just by keeping your filters clean.

At Air Specialty, we’re HVAC maintenance experts. We can keep your equipment in a like-new condition to reduce energy bills and ensure reliable indoor comfort. Call us at (251) 415-4559 in Mobile, Alabama, to learn more about our residential HVAC maintenance plans.

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