A boiler that runs constantly can be annoying and expensive. Even though it may seem like a nuisance, it is vital to determine the underlying cause because it can drive up your utility bill and become a potential safety hazard. In Creola, AL, there are a few common culprits that can cause your boiler to run constantly.

Faulty Thermostat Setting

The most common cause of boilers running constantly is a faulty thermostat or heating control. The thermostat regulates the temperature in your house. So if it isn’t working properly, your boiler can run continuously as it struggles to reach the desired temperature.

The same applies to heating controls. If they are set up correctly, your boiler will know when to turn off, resulting in consistent operation.

Inadequate Insulation

Another potential cause of a boiler running continuously is inadequate insulation or poor air circulation within the home. With proper insulation, it will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Additionally, if there isn’t enough airflow throughout the home, hot air may only reach certain areas, and other areas of your home will be uncomfortable. Your boiler may work harder to compensate for this lack of circulation. As a result, the problem leads to longer run times and higher energy bills.

Low Pressure

Boilers need to be kept at a certain pressure to function efficiently. When they suffer from low pressure, they fail to operate properly. Consequently, it can cause the unit to keep running longer than necessary to maintain a constant temperature.

Damaged Components

Finally, another possible issue with your boiler could be damaged components, such as pipes or valves. These components can prevent water from flowing through it properly or even prevent water from reaching certain parts of the system altogether. As a result, the boiler will run longer than usual as it attempts to heat the home.

Best Boiler Repair and Maintenance Professionals in Creola, AL

If you need boiler service, contact us at Air Specialty. We can provide a comprehensive inspection of your system to ensure that all components are functioning properly and make any necessary repairs or adjustments.

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