Certainly, there are DIY HVAC repair tasks the average homeowner easily performs. However, whether it’s because of your experience comfort zone, financial concerns or simply how you prefer to spend your time, there are HVAC repair tasks best left to the professionals. In some cases, DIY HVAC repair mistakes lead to increased costs, permanent damage to your system and even threaten your safety. NATE-certified techs are the best way to go for warranty and functional system maintenance and repair. Don’t make the mistake of going solo with your HVAC repair.

Common DIY HVAC Repair Mistakes

#1 DIY HVAC Repair Mistake – Air Filter Neglect

Do not ignore this easy task. Check your air filter monthly. Many homeowners do it when the energy bill arrives, as a reminder. Most filters require a change or clean after two to three months. This ensures dust, mold and other particles do not negatively impact your indoor air quality. We advise homeowners who smoke, have multiple pets or live with allergies or other respiratory conditions more frequent changes may be necessary.

#2 DIY HVAC Repair Mistake – No Routine Maintenance

Best practices for HVAC system ownership recommend a routine maintenance schedule. This typically means a tune-up in the spring and in the fall. During this routine maintenance, your experienced HVAC technician performs an extensive check on your HVAC system. This preventative step prevents small problems from turning into large ones and avoids the need for emergency repairs. Tune-ups and maintenance save you money on utility bills when your system operates more efficiently.

#3 DIY HVAC Repair Mistake – Wrong HVAC Contractor Selection

It’s tempting to choose based on the lowest price or without doing much research. However, when selecting an HVAC provider quality, customer service and know how matters as much as, if not more than affordability. Be sure to choose an HVAC service provider with NATE-certification. Also look for positive reviews with current customers and a history of serving your community.

#4 DIY HVAC Repair Mistake – Vent Blocking

When you cover or close vents it makes your HVAC system work harder to control the temperature in your home. The pressure and temperature imbalance leads to inefficiency and undue wear and tear on your system. This ultimately drives up your utility bills and prematurely ages your HVAC system.

Choose Professional HVAC Repair, Service and Installation with Air Speciality

Air Specialty, the leading HVAC service provider in Mobile, Alabama for over 25 years, is your go-to HVAC service provider. We firmly believe in empowered homeowners regarding their HVAC repair and system care. Our NATE-certified technicians help you understand what you should be doing yourself and when you should call us to help! If you frequently expense breakdowns or the need for HVAC repair, consider an upgrade. We offer free estimates and financing options for air conditioner, heat pump and furnace equipment purchases. Frequently, homeowners discover it costs less to operate upgraded systems. When your equipment is more efficient, it costs less to run and fuel. Protect your current or new system with membership in our Comfort Club. It provides two tune-ups each year plus other benefits. Count on us for assistance with all your HVAC needs. Were here for emergency breakdowns, routine maintenance and new air conditioner installations. You can count on us so contact Air Specialty to schedule an appointment today.

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