As spring approaches in Wilmer, AL, central AC systems and heat pumps need attention. Keeping up with maintenance in the spring will ensure that your air conditioning will provide an escape from the summer heat.

You may be confident in your ability to perform a tune-up because you’ve watched a technician work on your air conditioning in the past. However, central air conditioning systems and heat pumps require professional and skilled attention. The professionals at Air Specialty can help you maintain your air conditioner.

HVAC Systems Work Hard

Maintenance means protecting your functioning air conditioning from malfunctioning when you need it most. Since tune-up professionals receive extensive training, they know how to clean coils, check for leaks, inspect electrical connections and check thermostat accuracy. If you want the best results from your AC, then you should call the pros at Air Specialty.

Consider Your Maintenance Options

Considering the summer humidity in our area, it’s vital to have an air conditioner that works steadily throughout the year. Naturally, you may be concerned with the cost of maintenance on your AC. When it comes to DIY maintenance to your unit, changing the air filter and checking the outside unit for clearance from vegetation are very different from calibrating an intelligent circuit.

The pros at Air Specialty specialize in handling high-voltage currents and dangerous refrigerant leaks. The safest way to repair your AC system is to call on the professionals. If you rely on their expertise in a regularly scheduled maintenance program, you’ll be set for smooth summer sailing.

Get Ready for Summer Fun With a Clear Mind

Air conditioning maintenance should be left to the professionals. Your family and pets will thank you for attending to their comfort. Clean and cool air encourages good health and freedom from irritants in your home. Call Air-Specialty today for help with all your air conditioning maintenance needs.

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