Air Specialty works with a variety of lenders to find the right financing solution for you. We have lenders that offer terms that can fit any budget with approved credit. And if credit is an issue, there is even a “lease to own” option with no credit check.

We do everything we can to make you comfortable with a monthly payment thats affordable. Over the years we have had many customers tell us that their utility bills went down more than than their monthly payment.


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Financing Options for New AC Installation and System Repair

The initial cost of a new air conditioning or heating system can be prohibitive for many. We understand that you may need new HVAC equipment for one reason or another at a time when you can’t really afford the upfront expense. Luckily, it can make good sense to finance the purchase and installation with attractive options we make available to our valued customers through numerous lending providers. Air Specialty offer financing for system repairs too. If your system is in need of a large repair we’ll help you find the right financing option that fits your budget.

A new heating or air conditioning system is a long-term investment, and our low rates and reasonable monthly payments are calculated to ease you into this major purchase. Many of our customers find that the lower utility costs they enjoy because of a new, more efficient system can offset some of the financing expense, ensuring, even more, satisfaction with your new installation.

If you’ve been concerned about the cost of a new air conditioning or heating system, or you need to finance a system repair, we encourage you to contact Air Specialty to speak with a professional today about your options. We believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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