Semmes, Alabama residents are lucky to enjoy more favorable weather at the beginning of fall, with much cooler temperatures starting in November. It is important to prepare your home for the season ahead with simple maintenance tasks. This helps to ensure your home and systems are in good condition to face whatever winter may bring.

Stocking Up on Filters

Furnace filters will need to be changed regularly or as soon as they become dirty. Dirty filters restrict airflow and reduce system efficiency. Maintain your filters so that your system can operate at peak efficiency.

Changing Your Ceiling Fan Rotation

Most people associate fans with cooling and not heating. While ceiling fans do create a wind chill effect when they are rotating in the right direction, they can also warm your home if you simply reverse their rotation. As cool weather sets in, turn your fan to the reverse or clockwise setting.

Using the fan along with your heater will allow you to leave the thermostat at lower temperatures. Moving clockwise, the fan pushes warm air down from the top of the room, and helps to keep the warmer air circulating to keep you more comfortable. Using the proper fan setting will keep your home comfortable with minimal heating, particularly in that transition period before it becomes really cold. Using your fan instead of or along with the furnace will help you to conserve more energy and save money.

Cleaning the Gutters

Clogged gutters prevent proper drainage and may lead to leaks. Don’t wait until melting snow is seeping into your home, or damaging the foundation of your home. Clean out your gutters in the fall when the weather is still comfortable. If it has been a while since you performed this task, you may find a lot of dirt and debris waiting for you. Taking care of this DIY weekend job now will prevent more expensive problems later.

Sealing Your Home

Air leaks will let warm air slip right through the cracks this winter. These leaks can also allow cold air to enter your home. Seal them up now to avoid further energy waste, and so that you will be ready for winter. Install weather-stripping around your windows, and use caulk to seal any cracks in windows and doors as well.

Your ducts can let a great deal of air escape too. It is estimated that as much as 20 percent of the air moving through your ductwork is lost to leaks. Seal and insulate your ductwork to keep warm air in where it belongs. Not only will this keep temperatures comfortable, but you will save money, too. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, this investment will save you $120 or more every year on your energy bill.

Make Sure Your Gas Furnace Is Ready

If you have a gas furnace, it is smart to contact your gas company for a fill-up before the cold season really sets in. This will ensure you are not left without fuel when you need it most. It is a good idea to fill-up now while the cost is lower. The price tends to increase closer and during the season when the demand is greater. Your HVAC technician will help you to determine whether or not you need to fill up.

Scheduling Your Annual HVAC Maintenance

You should have an HVAC professional service your heating system once a year. The ideal time for this is in the fall before you turn it on for the first time. Schedule your appointment early and you can beat the seasonal rush, and ensure your system is in good condition to keep you comfortable all season.

During this maintenance visit, your HVAC professional will check the filter, look for leaks, tighten loose parts, and thoroughly clean the furnace. He will also look for any signs of leaks or other likely problems. These regular tune-ups can save you from costly repairs later on and give you a chance to address issues early in the season before you find yourself in a freezing home.

If you are ready to schedule your HVAC maintenance visit this season, contact Air Specialty at (251) 415-4559. With the proper care and attention, your home will be clean, sealed, and perfectly prepared to keep you comfortable in any weather.

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