The furnace in your Mobile, AL home is a vital element of its comfort. You need to know how to keep it in good condition so that it’s always ready when you need it. Read on to learn about actions you can take to keep your furnace running strong.

Regular Filter Replacement

One of the simplest things you can do for your furnace is replace the air filters regularly. When they are dirty or clogged, your furnace has to work a lot harder due to restricted airflow.

The general recommendation is to replace them every one to three months. However, the filter type and usage will ultimately determine the replacement frequency. You should check your filter every few weeks and change it when its dirty.

Yearly Maintenance and Inspection

Every year, you should have our HVAC professionals come out and fully inspect and perform maintenance on your system. During this time, they can clean the components, identify possible problems and lubricate the moving parts. They can also tackle any minor repairs that are necessary.

Since you need your furnace during the winter, it’s ideal to schedule your inspection and maintenance in the fall season. This will allow enough time to make any necessary repairs so that it’s ready for the colder weather.

Seal Air Leaks

Check your doors and windows to see if there are any air leaks since this could cause your furnace to work harder to keep your home comfortable. You can hold a lighted candle by them; if any air is blowing the flame, you likely need to seal the area. There are weatherproofing products that can create a tight seal.

Any air leaks in your ductwork can also reduce your furnace’s efficiency. Have a professional inspect your ductwork and seal any leaks that are present.

Clean Registers and Vents

Check your registers and vents and ensure that there are no rugs, drapes, furniture or other obstructions blocking them. Anything that blocks them could reduce furnace efficiency and put excess strain on it due to impeding airflow. You should also dust the vents and use a vacuum to help clear away dirt and debris.

If you need to clean your ductwork, call our professionals. They can tackle this efficiently and help to restore adequate airflow throughout your home.

Ideally, you want to have professional ductwork cleaning every five years or so. This will help to reduce how much pet dander, dust and other airborne particles circulate throughout your home. It will also decrease how hard your furnace has to work, helping to prolong its lifespan.

Maintain Humidity Levels

Proper humidity levels help to keep your furnace working efficiently and prevent problems associated with overly dry air. Keep your humidity between 30 and 50% to ensure optimal comfort and reduce strain on your system. When you run your furnace, you can also use a humidifier to prevent dry air.

Clean the Furnace Area

While a professional should clean the furnace itself, you can work to keep the area around it clean. Sweep and vacuum around the unit so that dirt and debris are not able to accumulate and obstruct the airflow. Also, make sure not to keep any furniture or other belongings too close to the furnace unit.

Make Repairs Promptly

As soon as your furnace starts acting abnormally, call our HVAC professionals. Make sure to have them complete the recommended repairs quickly. This will reduce the chances of a minor issue becoming a bigger and more costly problem in the future.

Keep a schedule for maintenance and make sure to change your filters on time. With the right upkeep and prompt repairs, you can keep your furnace in good condition. For any issues or questions regarding your furnace, call Air Specialty today.

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