If you want to improve your HVAC system, the ductwork is a good place to start. Your ducts deliver comfortable air throughout your home, transferring the heating and cooling from your air conditioner and heater to the living spaces where it matters. If your ductwork isn’t doing its job, your Fairhope, Alabama, home won’t be as comfortable as it could be. Learn more about the benefits of adding custom ductwork fabrication to your home.

Eliminate Air Leaks

If your ductwork isn’t carefully constructed and mindfully designed, you may find that you’re suffering from air leaks. It’s crucial that each section of ductwork is custom-built to fit perfectly with the next section. Precision construction will ensure that every piece of ductwork is the ideal fit for the next. This helps prevent air leaks which are one of the most common problems with ductwork. Leaky ductwork allows your heating or cooling to seep off into your attic or other spaces where you don’t want it.

When you eliminate air leaks, you’ll find that you can enjoy every bit of the heated or cooled air that you’re paying for. Cleaning your ducts and getting rid of any gaps or cracks with new fabrication will improve your air quality as well.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Custom ductwork fabrication will help you improve your energy efficiency, so you can cut down on your electricity bills and enjoy more affordable home comfort. Leaky ducts are one part of the equation that leads to poor efficiency, but there are others as well.

When you have custom ductwork built for your home, you can ensure that your ducts are always taking the shortest and most efficient path from one part of the home to another. If your home was built with prefab ductwork that wasn’t mindfully designed, it may take an unnecessarily long and winding path to get through your home. This allows air to get lost through leaks along the way or simply lose some of the heating and cooling before it reaches your home.

Increase Home Comfort

Better ductwork design leads to better home comfort. When your ducts are taking a straight path from one part of the home to another, they’ll deliver the most heating and cooling possible because nothing is lost along the way. You’ll enjoy better airflow as well since the air follows a straight path as much as possible.

This airflow through your home is essential to eliminate hot and cold spots and keep your temperatures stable from one part of the home to another. If you’re suffering from uneven temperatures and humidity levels throughout the house, inefficient ductwork is likely the cause. Custom ductwork fabrication can often help you solve this issue.

Simplify Retrofits

Custom ductwork is an ideal choice if you’re renovating or adding on to your home. If you have a historic home, adding a central heating or cooling system can be a complex task. Custom-built ductwork makes it easier to incorporate these fixtures into your home in the least obtrusive way possible. With professional fabrication that’s made with your home in mind, you can add ductwork where it makes the most sense, using features that are constructed mindfully to help you maintain the historic ambiance of your building.

Custom ductwork is a smart solution for home renovations as well. You can efficiently extend the reach of your current HVAC system with custom fabrications made to fit neatly into the newly constructed parts of your home. Keep in mind as you’re retrofitting your home for an extended HVAC system that you will also need to consider sizing. If you’re adding a significant amount of square footage to your home, you should have your system inspected to make sure it’s still powerful enough for your home. A qualified technician can let you know if you need to upgrade your installation.

If you’re interested in getting custom ductwork fabrication for your home, contact our team at Air Specialty. Give us a call at 251-415-4559 to learn more about how we can provide the custom ductwork you need for your home.

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