Whether it’s noon on a hot summer’s day or midnight in the dead of winter, you depend on your HVAC systems to keep you comfortable in Mobile, AL. Our Comfort Club maintenance plans offer an affordable way to ensure your heating and cooling equipment always delivers peak performance — especially when you most need them.

Secure Your Comfort

Weather extremes in the greater Mobile area put heating and cooling systems to the test. Continual operation forces the equipment to run for longer cycles, exacerbating normal wear and tear. Our preseason tune-ups help keep everything running smoothly. During each visit, we’ll check and calibrate every component of your HVAC system for proper operation. We consider no maintenance call complete until your system runs as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Safeguard Your Wallet

The peace of mind that comes with knowing your HVAC system is in good hands is reason enough to sign up for regular tune-ups. Our Comfort Club maintenance services profit you financially as well. Here are a few of the ways proactive maintenance saves you money.

  • Well-maintained HVAC systems run up to 25% more efficiently than neglected ones, so you pay less for heating and cooling.
  • Keeping the equipment in good working order protects you from the inconvenience and cost of preventable HVAC repairs.
  • Regular maintenance extends the service life of your HVAC systems, allowing you to avoid the expense of a premature replacement.

Additional Benefits

When you join our Comfort Club, you’ll receive two performance tune-ups each year, one for your AC system and one for your heater. We’ll notify you ahead of time, so you no longer need to remember to schedule service. Club membership also entitles you to extra perks, including 24-hour service and a 10% discount on parts for repairs.

At Air Specialty, you don’t have to spend a bundle to achieve the peace of mind that regular AC maintenance, heat pump maintenance or furnace maintenance provides. For more information, explore our HVAC maintenance section or call us today.

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